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Cause Unknown: Expert Opinions are Subjective, Increased Sudden Deaths are Not

The Censorship Industrial Complex

What Are Pfizer’s Lipid Nanotechnologies?

You’ve Probably Never Been ‘Woman Of The Year,’ But These Men Have

Biden’s FAA Nominee Withdraws After Botching Confirmation Testimony

Electric vehicles are huge money-losers for Ford

The Cloward-Piven Strategy – Look it up

More Cloward-Piven in Action

Federal Prosecutor Admits DC Police Officers Acted as Agent Provocateurs During Jan. 6 Riot

Seriously?? They’ve jumped the shark – What’s ‘digital blackface?’ And why is it wrong when White people use it?

Why is Earth’s magnetic north pole drifting so rapidly?

Pole shift hits the “40 degree mark” next month

What did Einstein think about CO2 causing global warming?

A War on Beef is Brewing

Climate activist Greta Thunberg receives theological honorary doctorate – THEOLOGY??

This is not normal. I wonder why it’s happening? Hmmmmmm?

New Emails Show Blowback at FBI After AG Garland’s Order to Treat Concerned Parents Like ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Texas colleges claim to drop ‘diversity, equity, inclusion’ policies after Abbott directive

Biden admin cracks down on air conditioners as war on appliances continues

Missouri’s Attorney General Sues To Remove Soros-Funded Crime-Enabling Saint Louis DA

House GOP Catches Fauci In New Lie Over Secret Covid Origins Call

17 migrants found trapped in train car in Texas, 2 dead: Officials

Homeland Security Reorganizes, Appearing to Scrap Last Remnants of Ill-Fated “Disinformation Governance Board”

Communist history has parallels to some of our current prosecutors

Government Farm Raids on the Rise

5 planets will parade across the sky in rare astronomical event, while skyscraper-sized asteroid flies by Earth

A Fed or a lefty or both? Epps threatens to sue Fox News

Ray Epps and his sordid lawyers

Breaking Oaths they took to defend the constitution

Top German court rejects appeals in far-right killing

Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US gov’t workers

Trans-Identifying Flight Attendant Featured in United Airlines Ad Commits Suicide

Mariannette Miller-Meeks Forces TikTok CEO to Admit Chinese App Tracks Americans’ Keystrokes

AZ Supreme Court Gives Kari Lake Huge Victory After She Exposes Signature Verification Issues

Biden’s Approval Rating Tanks Near All-Time Lows As Country Continues Downward Spiral

More Proof J6 was a Fedsurrection set up

War Pigs Obama-style

Don’t save the banks

“The Most Dangerous People In America Right Now”

Xi and Putin pledge to shape a new world order as US worries about pronouns and wrecking economy thru climate change

Is this Diversity or Inclusion? Dem Lawmaker Threatened To Withhold University Funding Over Conservative Speakers, Watchdog Argues

The Biggest Indictment Belly Flop in Indictment History

Indictment Belly Flop Details

U.N. Predicts (Again) a ‘Climate Time-Bomb Is Ticking’ – This Time, They Mean It

Misinformation is Dangerous

Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party

How the Nazis Were Inspired by Jim Crow

Democrats are worried about the NY Trump indictment

Texas beats Biden. Again!

Wyoming passes transgender athlete ban

How trans activism became the new religion of the left

Obama begat the tranny circus

China’s Xi stresses close ties with ‘dear friend’ Putin during his first visit to Russia since Ukraine invasion

Most underreported story: Evidence of the Biden family’s $ millions from China now documented with bank records

How to End the FEDs Monopoly

Socialism Isn’t about Creating Economies. It Is about Amassing Political Power

Fan poops in aisle near Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway show

UN IPCC latest climate report is a recycled joke

Jonathan Turley: Manhattan DA’s Potential Case Against Trump ‘Legally Pathetic’

Alvin Bragg is pursuing a seriously flawed prosecution: John Yoo

Dutch farmers flip off globalist and climate change alarmists hugely

Stanford snowflakes are melting

American company outraged after Mexican military, police seized Caribbean facility: ‘This is insane’

Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile

Remember when they told you Trump was going to start WW3?

Nearly 200 banks at risk for same fate as SVB: study

The Creepy Advent of Digital Currency

Border Patrol encountered sixteen illegal aliens on the terror watch list in February

The evidence is in. Lockdowns kill people – and the more you lock down, the more you kill

Republican senators move to overturn Biden’s $400 billion student debt relief ‘gambit’

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton quietly settled campaign finance violation last year, was NEVER ARRESTED

Get ready for Manhattan DA’s made-for-TV Trump prosecution: high on ratings, but short on the law

George Soros Exposed as Major Force Behind Trump’s Prosecution and Imminent Arrest

CNN reporter hit with street crime in San Francisco

MAGA voters say an indictment would help Trump’s 2024 presidential bid

Nancy Pelosi is Once Again Setting Up the Trump ‘Incitement’ Narrative Ahead of His Expected Arrest

Parent Company of Silicon Valley Bank Files for Bankruptcy


Fox News is reporting that President Donald Trump is expected to be arrested next week

Statement from Trump on pending indictment/arrest

AP Factcheck: mRNA Vaccines and Conspiracy TheoristsClearly this is disinformation IMO

Officials are preparing security in case of Trump indictment

Evil Incarnate: Dr. Rachel Levine says changing kids’ genders will soon be fully embraced: ‘Wheels will turn on this’

New Twitter Files Dropped by Taibbi – Chilling Censorship

400,000 gallons of radioactive water leaked from a nuclear plant in Minnesota

Stephen Colbert Finally Gets Someone To Laugh At His ShowSatire

ICC judges issue arrest warrant for Putin over war crimes in Ukraine

Breaking: Hunter Biden Sues Repair Shop Owner Over Handling of His Laptop

Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank, calls out the insanity of the Democrats

14 lawmakers who have their pilot’s license are calling on President Biden to withdraw his nominee to lead the Federal Aviation Administration because he has “zero aviation experience.”

Federal Tech Arm Had Pattern Of ‘Gross Mismanagement’ Before ‘Equity’-Induced Cybersecurity Fiasco

Leftist Politician Fined for Faking Neo-Nazi Hate Crimes Against Himself

Teetering Market

14-year-old girl rescued from sex trafficking scheme at Georgia Walmart, police say

Finally – Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Police From Stealing People’s Property

The Branches of American Communism

ESG Will Bankrupt You — Financially and Morally

Border Update and its not good

A Brief History of Stolen Lives

Trans Activist Hoaxer Caused Violence

Farmers’ protest party win shock Dutch vote victory – Net Zero Setback

DOD is paying $130,000 PER DAY to do NOTHING

Musk decries the lefts attempt to chop up the children

Did the ivermectin ban cost lives?

Shady Biden Business – Comer says ‘6 or 7 Biden family members’ may have been involved in overseas business schemes 

The left has a new totem: Trans Kids

100% Inflation in Argentina

1 Trillion dollar defense budget?

Xi’s China wants to create a better world order

How to Lose at Warfare: Air Force hiring multiple DEI officials to build ‘world-class’ equity and inclusion program

The “New Energy Economy”: An Exercise in Magical Thinking

California Gov. Gavin Newsom failed to publicly disclose his SVB ties while lobbying for a bailout

Hypocrite: Democrat Congressman’s charity has more than $30 million in Cayman Islands

The Pandemic of Journalistic Malfeasance

James O’Keefe Launches Brand New Venture After Getting Ousted From Project Veritas

Massie: Biden’s Gun Control Order Based on Fiction 

Authoritarian NY Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Quarantine Camp Lawsuit

Woke Banking Failure: Only ONE member of failed SVB’s board had a career in investment banking

More Money Laundering in the Style of Racists: Some San Francisco residents may receive $5 million in reparations after Board expresses ‘unanimous’ support

Paul Sperry: Evidence of Biden-China Corruption

Money Laundering? Silicon Valley Bank Pledged Nearly $74 Million To Black Lives Matter Causes

Is it time to bulldoze the universities?

House Republicans win access to Biden’s foreign banking documents

Smart Phones causing increased carnage. Fatal wrecks up 22%

Russian fighter jets down US drone in the Black sea

Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment’

In FBI Case, the First Amendment Takes Another Bizarre Hit

DOJ Hit with Legal Motion after Truth Emerges about Jan 6

Biden indefinitely blocks millions of acres of land, water from future oil drilling

Dominion’s Fox News lawsuit is not what the media are making it out to be

Home Depot Founder Unleashes On Biden For Lying About The Economy; “Whatever He Says Is Not True”

Pseudoscience: The Climate Change Scam. Grifters and Grifter Techniques Exposed

Bank Failure Blame Game. Fake Indian Warren Blames Trump

Heels up Harris isn’t speaking to Elizabeth “Liawatha” Warren

Run on Regional Bank Deposits

St. Louis homicide detective blows whistle on Soros-backed DA’s ‘concerted effort to break down the system’

What party supports authoritarianism? Senator Mark Kelly Called For Social Media Censorship To Prevent Bank Runs

Another Bank Falls – Signature Bank Closed by Regulators

Pain Coming for Everybody?

Another Bank Run? 

Root of the Banking Problem

Stock Market Crash Coming?

The BMJ admits that U.S. medical guidance for kids with gender dysphoria is not evidence-based

Jan. 6 Videos Show Antifa Infiltrating Trump Supporters, Trumpers Stopping Vandals

While Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, top executive pushed ‘woke’ programs

The Democrats’ Disastrous Miscalculation on Civil Liberties

Bank Failure History

All depositors of SVB and Signature Bank will be made whole – Federal Reserve

Death of a Climate Bank

“Free Jacob Chansley”: Musk Backs ‘QAnon Shaman’ After New J6 Footage Emerges

Biden expected to approve enormous oil drilling project in blow to climate activists: ‘Complete betrayal’

Post-decency politics: House Democrats use a hearing to attack free speech and a free press

Boston BLM leader and her husband indicted on more than 20 fraud charges

J6 Committee Admits They Had Never Seen The Bombshell Footage Released By Tucker Carlson

Greta Thunberg deletes 2018 tweet saying world will end in 2023 after world does not end

Congressional Testimony Video Transcript, “Matt Taibbi and the Twitter Files Expose Government Censorship/Disinformation”

Hot Take on Taibbi Testimony

Ouch: Roku $500 million loss after Silicon Valley Bank collapse

Colorado Dems Want Safe Injection Sites for Addicts

Energy Secretary Granholm Crazy Alert

Putting the Grift in ESG

Big Bank Collapse 2nd Largest Failure in US History. Lots of Depositors Money Lost Despite FDIC Insurance.

93 percent of the $161 billion deposited at Silicon Valley Bank is not insured by the FDIC

Cramer Recommended Buying SVB stock last week

Hawley tells Xi to come clean about COVID origins

Multiple dead in Jehovah’s Witness hall shooting in Germany

Four kidnapped Americans had lengthy rap sheets.

Mexican cartel ‘apologizes’ in letter for kidnapping, murder of Americans, turns in members ‘responsible’

Top Democrat On J6 Committee: We Actually Didn’t Review Any Of The Surveillance Video

The Age of Government Greed. Biden’s New Budget Set to Raise Taxes Through the Roof. Kill the Economy. Drive Businesses Overseas. List of Increases. 

Former Election Official Blows The Whistle On Illegal Ballots In 2020 Election

Companies Must Make Diversity Pledge To Qualify For $6 Billion Biden Initiative

Key Trump Impeachment Witness Busted For Dealing Lucrative Defense Contracts in Ukraine

WATCH: Lawyer For ‘QAnon Shaman’ Reveals He Had Never Seen New Footage Until Tucker Carlson Aired It On Fox News

Loser Colin Kaepernick accuses his White adoptive parents of ‘problematic’ upbringing, perpetuating racism

Hurrr Durrr – How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color Disclaimer – Sentinel Free Press is not responsible for the stupidity of articles written on other sites.

Twitter laughs, groans as Jill Biden gives biological male Women of Courage award

Michael Shellenberger – America’s Secret Censorship-Industrial Complex

Manhattan prosecutors signal criminal charges likely for Trump They got him this time!!!!

Ranking Dem Derails Covid-Origins Hearing by Smearing Witness as Racist

Lefty School Boards Playing Games in Texas

Federal judge rules Biden’s border policies unlawful, just a ‘speedbump’ for illegal migrants

Mitch McConnell hospitalized after suffering fall

White House Claims Jan 6 Tapes Are Russian Disinformation – LOL

Nine boxes of Biden documents were taken from Boston office

3 LAPD officers hospitalized after shooting in Lincoln Heights; suspect dead

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tests positive for Covid-19 After Returning from Mexico Vacation

Trump Is Right. Mitch McConnell And Elaine Chao Spent Decades Getting ‘Rich On China’

Two high-level memos allege Beijing covertly funded Canadian election candidates

10 Lies the Nets Are Letting Biden Get Away With

UK: Matt Hancock should be arrested for willful misconduct in public office

J6 Defendants: Victims of Shameful Politicization of Justice

Biden’s FCC nominee withdraws name

Will convictions be vacated for J6ers because of the Tucker tapes?

CNN Told Staff To Avoid “Lab Leak” Theory Due To It Being A “Trump Talking Point”

Media Disinformation Example From the APSPLC lawyer accused of domestic terrorism in Antifa-linked attack on Atlanta police site granted $5,000 bail

Another Soros DA put murder case on ‘back burner’ because it doesn’t ‘fit’ liberal agenda

See our previous post on this subject: Results of Lefty District Attorneys

Tucker Carlson reveals Ray Epps lied in sworn testimony to Jan 6 committee

FBI worked secretly with hospitals to strip US citizens’ gun rights, documents show

Tucker Carlson’s Team Claims J6 Committee Added Audio to Footage to Make it Seem Worse

House Democrats Lied About Whistleblower In Leak To Corrupt Media

Musk Chimes in on J6 Tapes

Mystery: Excess deaths in Oz Highest in 80 Years but No one can Figure Out Why?

J6 and Tucker Carlson – Pols on Both Sides Losing Their Minds

Are Democrats Planning to Skip the Primary Debates to Prop Up Sleepy Joe?

2 kidnapped Americans found dead in Mexico and 2 others alive

Lefties Apoplectic: Tucker Carlson just destroyed two years of bullshi* from the January 6th committee.

Time Machine Gump Archive: Hillary Clinton: We Need to Protect Abortion “For Our Grandkids”

Demented Soft-on-Crime Democrats: Proposed bill would prevent anyone under 25 with being charged with felony murder

Obama has proven the soft-on-criminals approach DOES NOT work. Invites tragedy for innocent people.

Joe Rogan on the Lefts Sexualizing Children with Drag Shows

Washington state AG wants a Ministry of Truth: Domestic Violent Extremism Commission to develop ways to combat ‘disinformation and misinformation’

Atlanta police aerial view of the perps that attacked the police training facility

Gavin Newsome and Walgreens

Washington Post Spins USA Debt: $31 Trillion debt is because of tax cuts and not exorbitant pork spending

Why is Turkey Blocking NATO Expansion?

Xi Warns the USA/West

Update: SPLC Lawyer arrested for domestic terrorism in Atlanta police training center fire.

Update: ANTIFA attack police training center (under construction)

Update: 4 US citizens were kidnapped by gunmen in Mexico

Video of 4 Americans Kidnapped in Mexico

Don Surber nails another great post: Obama created our current tranny circus

Domestic Terrorism: Atlanta Attack on Police Training Center Planned by Far Left

4 US citizens missing after being assaulted and kidnapped in Matamoros, Mexico, FBI says

Knowles CPAC Controversy Explained in less than 5 minutes

Corrupt Identity Politics: Is Biden’s New FAA Nominee Qualified?

Atlanta: Police lock down site of future safety training center after clash with protestors

Woke Corporations Display Hatred For Women By Hiring Men In Costumes For Ads

Woke Fail: Hershey’s Hit with Backlash 

The greatest RICO crime ever devised. And it began with Obama.

Transportation post has become political nightmare for Buttigieg

The Biden Gaffe Machine Strikes Again

Let’s do this already!!! Daylight Savings Time

Lost retirement accounts are unfortunately common. Here’s how to find your money

History: Remember the Alamo

National Park Service says ‘never push a slower friend down’ when escaping a bear

Is it time to drop your 401K? The Biden Administration wants to let Wall Street use workers’ hard-earned savings to pursue left-wing political initiatives

‘It still hurts’: Chris Rock speaks about Will Smith slap for first time

Do we now have another sketchy UN environmental program to pick taxpayers’ pockets?

How often do trains derail?

Defensive Gun Use Running Post

China expands defense budget 7.2%

Michael Knowles Defamed by Lefty Press

Lib heads are exploding as Joe tells party they need to get tough on crime

Russia Trains Super Soldiers – Sarcasm

Time machine: Anyone remember the EUA for the vaccines? Pepperidge Farms Remembers.

Police officer who slept with six colleagues claims she was ‘sexually groomed’

Trump overwhelmingly wins CPAC’s primary straw poll

Russia’s Human Capital Problem

Passenger dies after jet encounters severe turbulence over New England

Covid Emergency, Climate Emergency: Same Thing

Anyone remember this from the guy formerly known as Prince Charles, now King Charles? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Heresy: Net Zero will destroy modern civilization End Sarcasm/

Maryland HAZMAT crews responding to a tanker explosion

Netherlands: 83% Think PM Rutte Should Resign The Netherlands is where the government is at war with farmers over the Net Zero climate change lunacy.

Samantha Power Lets Slip “The US Is At War With Russia” at CNN Townhall event

Another $400 million to Ukraine

Clown World: I want $500 million in reparations just for reading this story

Tom Cruise Shooting ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ on U.S. Aircraft Carrier Off Italian Coast

Are the US Marines getting rid of scout snipers because of new drone technology?

Gas-stove ban? Regulatory overreach by government agencies

U.S. senators Manchin, Cruz float bill to block gas stove bans

Agreed: Candace Owens calls education reform top priority for America

Dems want to cut Fox off. Wait. Wut? Isn’t that what fascist do?

All Walmart stores in Portland Oregon to permanently close

Texas oil tycoon’s Mesa Vista ranch in Panhandle sells to two parties

Plan B to cancel student loan debt? The White House won’t go there even as pressure mounts

Biden admin makes stunning admission on climate agenda in leaked internal memo

‘Saving Private Ryan’ Actor Tom Sizemore dead at 61

What Is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing? Essentially, ESG is politicized investing

Where are whiny liberals yelling at Newsome like they whinged at Abbott/Cruz?

Okay, we found some whiny liberals roasting Newsome for leaving California during a crisis

We are trying to stop a war imposed on us by West: Sergey Lavrov

Rep Thomas Massie slays Climate Czar Kerry in debate about CO2

Another DA Fail: Teen who allegedly killed Chicago cop was arrested last summer after shooting incident. Not charged.

The inclusive Woke strikes again saying, “isn’t ‘safe’ to hire Christian teachers due to their support for monogamy, family, and sexual morality”  Wait. Wut??? Logic fail.

Awesome article explaining, in part, why and how our world is upside down right now

A shortage of albuterol is about to get worse

Car buyers have loans worth more than their vehicles

Tesla’s New Gigafactory Will Be Built in Northern Mexico

Amazon pauses construction of second headquarters in Virginia

Russia close to encircling Ukraine’s Bakhmut after months of fighting

Human Smugglers Using Drones to Track Border Patrol

Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Camera

Wut?? Greta protests against wind farms

Russia’s oil and gas revenue reportedly tanked in February

Texas House Plans to Pass Largest Property Tax Decrease Ever

Mississippi passes bill restricting electric car dealerships

AOC in ethics deep doodoo deflects and blames staffer,

Hershey’s chocolate celebrates woman’s month with a fake woman

AOC great at killing jobs – many blues states uninvestable

Feinstein hospitalized for shingles

California clobbered with record snow

EV sales not going well for Ford. Boost production of ICE F-150s

Community library provides access to banned “pornographic” books to children

The big economic crash is nigh

Joe Biden and Social Security

East Palestine Ohio Train Derailment Comprehensive Report

Huge surge in human and drug trafficking on Arizona border. Thanks Democrats!! < /endsarc >

Warning by economist of very hard times to come Next 20 years will be difficult for many.

Lori Lightfoot blames racism for loss. She lost to a black guy and a Mexican-American.

What is the definition of Woke?

Crazy cat lady goes crazy and burns down house

Exposing Lefty Groomers

Is lab grown meats made from cancerous cells in large vats?

Vote for me or no health care for! How commies roll.

Commies hate capitalism

Is your retirement savings at risk because of Biden and Progressive policies?

Wut? 8 times more people died from injections than from C19 itself

What does history teach us about consensus science?

Biden’s Child Slaves – The Real Reason Kids Are Shoveled Across The Border

Twisted: Being honest about the lies she tells through the 1619 Project

Comparing Public Health Policies for COVID to the Black Plague

Oregon Democrats Roll out Plan to Pay Homeless People $1K a Month

The Biden border gimmick using a new asylum rule

New ‘Sanctuary Sheriff’ Releases Illegal Alien Charged In Fatal DUI

And Just Like That, Natural Immunity is No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

Study: California Wildfires in One Year Erased 16 Years of Emissions Cuts

Are illegal immigrants returning home on their own?

Fauci paid scientist to change his opinion on COVID

Lefties using a bribery scheme in Wisconsin election

Largest US Grid Supplier Warns of an Energy Shortage Due to Undeliverable Mandates

NYC spends nearly $100 million to house migrants after out-of-state busing

Wind Turbine Blades Disposal Problem – Now do solar panels

Solar Panels literally produce tons of toxic waste every year

Bye Bye Beetlejuice

14 times reported hate crimes turned out to be hoaxes

GOP congresswoman military records leaked to democrat opposition research firm

Grid failures because of climate change policies

Day of Hate is a Dud. Was it Planned by the Left?