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Morgan Freeman calls ‘Black History Month’ and ‘African-American’ terms an ‘insult’

Funny how CNN and MSNBC and Big 3 Networks didn’t cover THIS mass shooting

“The end hasn’t already begun” Congressman Thomas Massie

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson on last night’s chaos in the Chicago Loop:  “it is not constructive to demonize youth…”

Think Tank Insists Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Lie that Must Stop’

Mr. Beasts Chris Tyson turned Trans is outed for pedophile Tweets, locks Twitter account

California power companies roll out fixed-rate bill proposal

California’s latest power grid problems are just the beginning

Alabamastan – 4 people were killed and 15 teens were shot during a Sweet 16 birthday party

Wild video shows large mob ransacking Arco gas station in Compton

Indictment turbocharges Trump’s fundraising

NYC, 327 shoplifters were arrested and rearrested more than 6,000 times in Braggs catch and release fiasco

Firearms and Arrest Authority of U.S. Federal Agencies

Another mass shooting in Louisville

George Soros’ army of lieutenants get easy access to Biden White House

Inside look: What it’s all about – As always, “climate change” is not about climate change. It’s about depopulation, degrowth, and an unjust transition to global technocratic fascist totalitarian governance

Deep Dive into CBDC and how/when it will be implemented – Twitter thread with many links

Democrats push to amend Constitution so 16-year-olds can vote

UN report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, including between adults and children

Read the UN report

Washington state passed SB 5599 which allows the state to legally take children away from their parents if they don’t consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries

The Road to Oceania – Orwell and the Surveillance State

The Fed Is Gaslighting About Digital Currency

Teen Employment Isn’t Exploitation, But It Might Keep You From Becoming A Helpless Adult

Insane: Atomic angst over? Germany closes last nuclear plants

AI Tasked With Destroying Humanity Now Trying New Tactic

Did the programmers forget Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”? 

International Experiment: $16-million-a-second and no electricity

Surber: Biden takes the dollar down

Cultural Marxism/Social Justice Goals – Work in progress article

Predator’s Paradise: New laws are making California a haven for human trafficking

What If the Dollar Falls?


Russia’s commando units gutted by Ukraine war, U.S. leak shows

Best Buy lays off hundreds of store workers in online push – WSJ

Anheuser-Busch stock loses over $5 billion in market cap following backlash to trans spokesperson

Solar and Wind versus Traditional Energy Consumption

Contrasting Biden to Trump with document scandal

Meet the ‘Anti-Woke’ Job Board for Christian Nationalists

UPDATE: Florida Dept of Education REMOVES trans teacher who threatened to shoot students

U.S. intel agencies may change how they monitor social media, chatrooms after missing leaked U.S. documents for weeks

The Curious Case of Joe Biden, the Puppet

Amish Farmer Threatened for Not Giving Up Traditional Farming

Pentagon Leaker Kicking Himself For Not Just Leaving Classified Documents Strewn Around His GarageSatire

Elon Musk Speaks Out Against Child Sex Changes

Trans Florida teacher ‘Ashlee’ who allegedly said they were ‘going to shoot the kids’ then themselves remains in classroom despite parents’ complaints

Pompeo drops his presidential bid

Someone needs a drink! Bud Light marketing VP behind SIX BILLION DOLLAR Dylan Mulvaney ‘mistake’ breaks cover from $8M Central Park home after bosses threw her under bus

Zelensky and His Generals Embezzled ‘At Least’ $400M from U.S. Aid Last Year, According to Intel

Americans to Spend Billions on Biden’s Obamacare for DACA Illegal Aliens

Tucker clip with Greenwald: The Media Exposed Its Allegiance to the Government by Doing the FBI’s Work for Them

The Primary Breadwinner Is Disappearing From More Homes

Supreme Court allows $6 billion student loan debt settlement

Florida Gov. DeSantis signs 6-week abortion ban

DHS Chief Mayorkas: Obamacare for DACA Illegal Aliens Now, Amnesty Next

FBI arrests 21-year-old Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking classified documents

Creepy Ex-Biden official Sam Brinton accepts plea deal in Las Vegas luggage theft

Bud Light boycott over trans activist Dylan Mulvaney pact ‘has legs’ as sales outlook thrown into doubt

Rufo: For left-wing academics, violence against the right targets is a form of patriotism.

Joe Biden’s EV Edict Isn’t Just Harmful, It’s Fascistic

Climate Related Death and the Climate Change Cult

NYT’s Sad” that Fox News doesn’t understand “part of our mission as journalists is to support democracy” *Whenever a lefty uses Democracy replace it with Democrat party

Democrats pushing Feinstein to the side

Cocaine Mitch “The Turtle” being push aside in advance of a possible retirement announcement

Lula Backs BRICS Currency to Replace Dollar in Foreign Trade

San Francisco police arrests fellow tech exec for stabbing murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee

Record 3.1 million deadly doses of fentanyl seized in South Texas, governor says

How Cultural Marxism Threatens the United States—and How Americans Can Fight It

Bank records show millions in transactions between Hunter Biden, China firms: Sen. Johnson

Oregon schools are now nothing but indoctrination centers. No need to learn Math, English, Reading, or Writing

“80% of Bud Light drinkers ordered something else this week, Brewhouse owner Alex Kesaris said”

Commercial Outlook is Bad

Louisville Police Release Video From Active Shooter – Full

Dimmitt dairy farm explosion ‘by far the deadliest barn fire for cattle overall’

Comprehensive list of Food/Fuel/Supply Chain locations that have been destroyed recently

Again? Huge industrial fire in Indiana. Residents evacuated

The Deadliest Volcano in the Western Hemisphere Might Be Waking Up

Excellent thread on gun control

Stunning Study: Long Covid is really mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome (MIES)

Durham bombshell: Prosecutor unveils smoking gun FBI text message, ‘joint venture’ to smear Trump

Tennessee governor caves to the Communists

Merrick Garland lied to congress

Jeremy Renner makes comeback after near-death snowplow accident

Malone: Switzerland stops the COVID vaccines

Former Feds Fled Twitter Around Elon Musk’s Takeover

Fake AI: Selling Nudes of Imaginary Women on Reddit — and It’s Working

Should Publishers Sue Over Generative AI?

Scary AI

Gen. Milley is Stepping Down. Will His Replacement Be Even More “Woke”?

Shocking New Evidence Reveals Feds Possibly Instigated Violence During the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Trans person arrested over brutal murder of Portland cab driver

REVEALED: Suspected Kentucky bank shooter posted anti-Trump, pro-lockdown content on Reddit

Downtown San Francisco Whole Foods Closing a Year After Opening

Biden White House Directly Coordinated With FBI to Set Up Trump Raid According to New Docs

“Woke” and “Equity” thought as depopulation

Tom Fitton on TimCast – Biden running a RICO operation

Disruption in Tennessee House of Representatives was preplanned – Video

Miami Herald Forced to Retract: Miami Herald reports Rebekah Jones’ son arrested for ‘meme’ rather than alleged school threat

Nonprofit financed by billionaire George Soros quietly donated $140 million to political causes in 2021

Texas has Local Elections on May the 6th – Details, Stakes

Free Money for Dems – Harris announces $1.7B in grants for more than 600 community lenders

Sad Day in America – Summary of Peachy Keenan Tweet

15 days to flatten the curve is now officially over almost 3 years later

People are running away from big Dem-run cities

Twitter Isn’t a Company Anymore – Now X Corp based in Nevada

FBI placed undercover agent in Catholic parishes to monitor for domestic extremism

New research shows that the stem cells’ garbage-clearing function deteriorates with age—and opens the door to reversing the process.

DeSantis Pushes Toughest Immigration Crackdown in the Nation

Louisville Killer Livestreamed Attack – Fifth Victim Dies

Louisville: Another Deranged Mentally Ill Lefty?

Bank employee killed 4 in Louisville shooting, police say

Police were calling targets on January 6th and shooting people in the face.

Daniel Perry case: read the affidavit from the lead detective, claiming that the Soros DA directed him “to remove exculpatory information that I had intended to present to the grand jury during my testimony.”

Ron Paul 40 years Ago on the Surveillance State: Thread on Fed Spying on Citizens 

Florida Academic Threatens to ‘Burn College Buildings to Ground’ for Not Being Woke Enough

The one-party journalism system suffers no dissent from within. Left Heretics and the New Media Collective – 

Hemorrhagic strokes (brain bleeds) in young people – brain blood vessel damage caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein or turbo cancer – 16 tragic stories

House panel to examine ‘victims’ of Bragg policies as GOP casts doubt on NYC prosecutor who took on Trump

Supreme Court: Trans Can Compete on Women’s Team

WA Democrats push abusive new tax on jobs they say earn too much

FBI documents associate internet slang like ‘based’ and ‘red pill’ with ‘extremism’

J6 Fedsurrection: A set-up of Americans by ‘Americans’: Soviets are blushing

Big Exodus from Oregon – People are Fed up by Commie policies/governing

Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch have not posted to social media since Dylan Mulvaney-gate 8 days ago (and their old posts are all getting ratioed)

Progressives in Portland created this.

Progressives in San Francisco created this.  Warning this is hard to watch

Texas AG slams Soros-backed DA for convicting Sgt. Daniel Perry in shooting of BLM rioter

Riley Gaines to ‘pursue legal action’ following violent assault at TPUSA-hosted SFSU event

Three GOP Reps. Introduce Gold Standard Bill To Stabilize Dollar’s Value

Officials Move to Seize Land from American Farmers to Advance Green Agenda

Evidence emerges showing ‘Wisconsin Takes Action’ used an app to PAY VOTERS UP TO $250 to flip vote

Disney Snub: Michael Jordan Turns Down $120 Million Ad Campaign With Disney: “I Like My Reputation.”

WEF Stooge: Europe must resist pressure to become ‘America’s followers,’ says Macron

Biden’s digital strategy: an army of influencers – Biden’s TikTok Army

Sign of the Times: UK College Cancels Annual Dinner for Christian Saint, Will Celebrate End of Ramadan Instead

House GOP Expands Probe Into Biden Election Interference, Targets DOJ Attorney Used to ‘Jump Start’ Trump Case

China Turns Up Heat On Taiwan

Leaked Pentagon docs show how deep US has compromised Russian intelligence

Workplace: Top 10 OSHA Violations

Florida woman who spent life savings on daughter’s cancer treatment wins $2M scratch-off game

Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings

Report: Car Prices Are Shocking Consumers

Commercial real estate is headed for a crisis worse than 2008, analysts say

Banks Throttle Down on Lending

Passenger handcuffed over a pre-flight drink tantrum: ‘Like a 5-year-old’

Playing the victim card 101: Trans claims of genocide

Paul Sperry Developing: More connections to Bragg, Biden, and now Adam Schiff

Kamala Harris Screams With Rage During Speech, Defends TN Reps Storming Capitol

Abbott to Pardon Daniel Perry

Hilarious Kamala Harris meme video

Flashback: When a republican was thrown out of the legislature by democrats 

Dem desperation nothingburger: AOC says she may draft Clarence Thomas impeachment article if no one else does

New Study: Were masks in hospitals a waste of time? Hated NHS policy made ‘no difference’ to Covid infection rates, study finds

Insurrection: AOC wants the Biden admin to ignore court ruling

INCITING VIOLENCE? KJP Urges Trans Kids to ‘Fight Back’ After ‘Awful’ Surgery Bans

Drink Your Vaccines: China Successfully “Immunizes” Mice With mRNA-Loaded Cow’s Milk

TERRIFYING: Twitter Allowed Government to ‘Intervene’ with Algorithm

Florida Sheriff Billy Woods goes off after reporter asks about gun control following teen murders

Babyfaced 12-year-old charged in Florida triple murder led cuffed to jail

Reuters covering for Budweiser parent canning CEO – Fiasco

Son of George Soros scoring easy White House access, records show

Insurrection: Leftists call for revenge attacks in Tennessee following expulsion of two Democrats who disrupted House proceedings

Scary AI

Macflation – $18.29 for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon combo meal

Inside the CEI system pushing brands to endorse celebs like Dylan Mulvaney

This is how you do it, ladies: Transgender Cyclist Booted From Women’s Championship After Female Competitors Threaten Boycott

Top Secret Breach – New Batch of Classified Documents Appear on Social Media Sites

Why?? Lego unveils first LGBTQ set ahead of Pride Month

No, Red State Economies Don’t Depend On A “Gravy Train” From Blue States

Six Major Automakers Agree to End Gas Car Sales Globally by 2040

Kamala in Tennessee screeches about silencing 

Turley chimes in on the faux Clarence Thomas scandal

Paul Sperry: Republican DAs and prosecutors now have the green light to take down top Democrats

Tucker covers Daniel Perry guilty verdict: “Tonight we extended an invitation to Governor Greg Abbott to ask if he was considering a pardon.

Another Soros-funded DA strikes again and he is shady

Texas Attorney General Comments on the Case

Riley Gaines ambushed and physically assaulted for speaking out against tranny’s ruining women’s sports

Greenwald “Owns” Huffpo

Substack shunned by Twitter

Clarence Thomas is safe as well as the lefts adherence to propaganda

The woman behind the Bud Light marketing debacle

The New Face of Marxism

Attack of the Censorship Karens!

Rebekah Jones blasted state for ‘kidnapping’ son, but reports paint different picture.

Biden’s shameful Afghanistan whitewash blames TRUMP

Manifesto details former student’s plans to carry out multiple Colorado Springs school shootings

IRS to Hire 30,000 More Staff

Insurrection: Tennessee House expels first of 3 Democrat lawmakers who joined anti-gun protesters in storming state Capitol

JPMorgan CEO suggests government seize private property to quicken climate initiatives

Taibbi: MSNBC Sucks

Meet Chicago’s new “dumpster fire” mayor – send social workers instead of cops

Joe Rogan: How Scientific Studies Can Be Manipulated and Mislead

The Biden Education Department just dropped new Title IX rules that bar schools that receive federal funding from enforcing policies that ban biological males from playing girl’s sports

Trump-Hating Trans Teen Arrested Over Plot to Shoot Up, Bomb Middle Schools and Churches

REVEALED: How Obama and Biden laid groundwork for Afghanistan disaster

J6 is looking more like a government set up – Receipts

Biden Connections to the Trump Indictment

Ukraine: Russia Issues ‘Warning’ that ‘Britain Is Too Deep In This Conflict’

Russia: New Cold War is Over, We Are Now in ‘Hot Conflict With the United States’

News Media Corruption: ABC caught block donation link to Trump but giving Joe a pass

Pelosi heckled relentlessly in NYC

Economy Woes: Bank Failures. High Inflation. Rising Rates. Is the Resilient Jobs Market About to Crack?

Cleared by police and then a Soros funded DA took over the case

NC State Rep Abandons Democrat Party, Switches To GOP; ‘If You Don’t Do What They Want, They Will Bully You’

Biden Pushed For Fracking In Ukraine Right After Hunter Joined Burisma’s Board

Lip Service: At least two Republican DAs want to prosecute Bidens

Baby Killers: Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Signs Bill to Implement Abortions Up to Birth

Chinese Connected Biden Stored Classified Documents In “China Town” Near Penn Biden Center

Obama corruption? Leonardo DiCaprio testifies that CCP-linked Malaysian financier, now a fugitive, sent $30 million to Obama during 2012 campaign

Report details ‘staggering’ church sex abuse in Maryland

Sick enablers of mental illness: White House says there should be no age limit on child sex changes

Judge Overseeing DA Bragg’s Anti-Trump Case Is a Biden Donor

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running against Biden in the 2024 primaries

Return to the gold standard bill 

Elon Musk Sends a Warning About Donald Trump

Mexico’s president slams Trump arrest, but most world leaders silent

Oh Canada: Canada province decriminalizes hard drugs in new bid to combat opioid crisis

Anti-Trump Bolton, “Bragg case is weak”

More Banking Problems: Massive Short Position on TD Bank (TD:TSX)

Gold Extends Surge Past $2,000 With Record High Now in Sight

Cash App founder and tech executive stabbed to death in San Francisco

Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Trump team another $120,000 in legal fees

Daughter of Judge Overseeing Trump’s “Hush Money” Case Worked on Biden-Harris Campaign

Trump indictment can be read here

Obama is moving to Africa

Biased Judge?

Supercut of the Media Spreading Fake News

The Federalist: Alvin Bragg’s Trump Indictment Is Even More Pathetic And Partisan Than We Could Have Imagined

The Difference Between The Left And Right, In One Arraignment

Why Bud Light is teamed up with Dylan Mulvaney?

Is the new mayor of Chicago worse than Lightfoot?

Former Treasury Official Warns: There Will Be “Catastrophic” Consequences U.S. Dollar Loses Status

Dershowitz Says Alvin Bragg Could Face Up To 5 Years In Prison

Malaysia and China Team up With ‘Asian Fund’ to Take on the U.S. Dollar

Scientists At Budweiser Attempt To Discover How Many Beers It Would Take For Dylan Mulvaney To Pass As A Woman – Satire

President Trump Pleads Not Guilty To All Charges

Chicago Residents Slam Obama For Displacing Thousands Of Black Families To Build Presidential Library

Ten worst NYC criminals who were REPEATEDLY released by Manhattan DA Bragg as he focused on Trump indictment

Price of Oil is Up

US Bank Crisis Telegraphs Severe Crisis Ahead

Dollar Decline vs. Dollar Collapse

What It Would Take for the U.S. Dollar to Collapse

Woke LA County supervisors propose motion to DEPOPULATE jails by releasing inmates

OPEC announces oil production cut – the price of gas/diesel is going up again

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

Judge Issues Gag Order on Trump

A tragedy worse than 9-11 NY Times Loses Twitter Verification After Refusing To Pay $8

The Biden White House is uninterested in honoring the Nashville shooting victims

Bizarro World Makes Self-Defense Illegal

Big Stories of the Week Roundup

The coming flood of indictments for the left will be glorious to behold thanks to Bragg

Signature verification software used by Maricopa County is a real world joke

Time to Can Budweiser for being Woke: Bud Light makes special can to celebrate Dylan Mulvaney’s ‘365 days of girlhood’

Debt-limit Chicken Drama

Obama begat the tranny circus

Nudging out the dollar: Brazil Inks Deal to Use Yuan, Not Dollar, in Trade with China

Andrew Tate released from jail, now under house arrest

DHS and the FBI are looking to criminalize more Trump voters

20-years in prison for using a VPN – Restrict Act

India Abandons US Dollar In Trade Deal With Malaysia

WaPo busted lying about the Soros/Bragg connection

Social Security fund projected to be depleted sooner than expected

Lake going after Maricopa County

Biden says transgender people ‘shape our nation’s soul’ in official proclamation <Yes, it’s time for that giant meteor.

DNC Lawyer Suing Trump Busted with Child Porn

No More Virgin Orbits – Collapse

Florida Man And Trump-Loving Meme Maker Convicted For Making a Meme

LOL – Nancy gets tagged for not knowing the constitution

Trannies and Nazis fight in Nashville

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