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Some of the Allen, TX shooters social media uncovered

USA Invasion

Yes, they really are trying to make an Hispanic gang member into a neo-Nazi white supremecist. Read the comments

Brownsville, TX Driver Arrested: Video

US banking crisis: Warren Buffett says bosses should face ‘punishment’

Texas Mall Shooter IDed. He was a Hispanic White Supremecist. SMH!!!

The Constitution’s Grant of Independent Power to States Against Alien Invasion

WATCH: Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Attempt to Evade Law Enforcement in El Paso

The Lesson Of Jordan Neely: Your Courage And Sacrifice Will Be Punished

Joe Biden’s Migrant Flood Sparks Citizen Protests in Chicago

Charles the Third is Crowned

Brownsville, TX: BPD: 7 dead after driver intentionally runs over them in front of migrant shelter

California panel approves reparations proposal of up to $1.2 million EACH for black residents

California can’t pay reparations. The proposal is non-binding and virtue signaling at its finest.

Great thread on how governments are encouraging centralized food production.

The RESTRICT Act Gives Up Nearly All Notions of Checks and Balances

Budget deal worsens New Yorkers’ pain from state’s lunatic climate law

Dozens of migrants rescued from train in Kinney County

Two-mile homeless camp takes over in California’s posh Marin County — and tax dollars help fund it

Hypergrowth: Starlink subscribers skyrocket to 1.5 million

Texas House Moves to Expel Republican Who Drank & Had Sexual Contact With 19-Year-Old Intern

Texas AG Launches Investigation into Doctors Accused of Performing Illegal Sex-Change Surgeries on Children

Ted Cruz challenger said it would’ve been ‘better’ if Second Amendment ‘had not been written’

BLM and SJW’s Shutdown NYC Subways in Retaliation for Jordan Neely Death

‘Multiple victims’ reported and ‘multiple shots’ fired by active shooter at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas

Study showing media bias when it comes to race and murder

Conspiracy theorists were correct again

Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca says white owned businesses should be taxed extra and redistributed to black owned businesses

Excellent thread about masks not working including citations and video

Brownsville, Texas border with Mexico is becoming a polluted mess

These are the latest retail stores leaving downtown SF

Wind energy developer funneled cash to Dem senator pushing offshore wind

Race and Gender Narcissism in Austin

The $1 Million Math Problem Undermining Wind Energy

LOL: Chicago Gay Bars Stop Selling Bud Light, Other Anheuser-Busch Beers After Brand Backs Down To Anti-Trans Critics

Perfect timing: Wall Street Democrat sold bank stock before collapse, filings reveal

Nine Reasons Critical Race Theory Is Terrible for Dealing with Racism

Senator Kennedy Exposes a Clown

Massie Flashback Exposing the Climate Czar

FBI tip that allegedly puts Biden at center of ‘criminal scheme’ sends sleuths around the world

With border crisis looming, senators unveil temporary patch to cover expiring Title 42 authority

Good News: Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner resigns from office

The Titanic of all ads: Anheuser-Busch CEO FINALLY disavows Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light partnership and says ‘it was not a campaign’

Breaking: Multiple people reported dead at multiple scenes, including south Georgia McDonald’s, GBI says

SF ‘feels post-apocalyptic,’ Musk tweets in response to latest store closures

Ex-FBI agent who feds say urged Jan. 6 rioters to kill police worked terrorism task force

Snow-laden California gets more snow halfway through spring

TotalEnergies sues Greenpeace over ‘false and misleading’ emissions report

Texas utility commission chair raises threat of summer power outages and pushes for more gas-powered electricity

A black eye for green energy? Renewable energy growth brings mounting waste challenge

Hispanic voters have soured on Biden. Now he needs to win them back

4000 Satellites with new Falcon 9 Launch

More Bank Financial Stress: Western Alliance latest US bank to explore sale

Supreme Court is the left’s new Trump

A change of venue and Tarrio would be found not guilty

Ex-FBI agent feds say urged Jan. 6 rioters to kill police worked terrorism task force

Commies do things like this: Career criminal indicted on murder charge freed without bail by NYC judge

The U.S. Dollar: The Demise Of The World’s Reserve Currency

One dead, 4 taken to hospital after shooting in Midtown Atlanta, police say

New York becomes the first state to ban natural gas stoves and furnaces in most new buildings

And the NWO commies march on

Another lefty insurrection

Matt Gaetz says AOC is ‘wrong a lot’ but ‘she’s not corrupt’ as the pair joined forces to block Congress from trading stocks

Bud Light Increases Ad Spending, Offers Free Beer to Distributors

DOJ, federal agencies pour hundreds of millions into Soros-linked group accused of trying to ‘nullify the law’

Biden tells White House guest to ‘hush up, boy’ at Eid al-Fitr event

Judge rejects Zooey Zephyr bid to return to Montana House floor

Kevin Costner’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, files for divorce after 18 years of marriage

Here’s what to expect from today’s Federal Reserve announcement – quarter percent increase?

Another Bank Failure Coming? PacWest, Western Alliance shares tumble as US regional bank fears persist More Regional Bank Problems

Texas manhunt ends after suspect accused of killing 5 neighbors found hiding in laundry pile

Yes, the Nazis were leftwing no matter how high the libs scream they were far right

Don’t let them lie to you about book bans. It’s really pornography in the schools.

“Woke is Marxism evolved to take on The West…” Excellent video of James Lindsay speech

What We Know About the Balloon Over Hawaii

Ex-trans teens voice support for state bill to ban sex change surgeries for minors: ‘Severe and irreversible’

Nordstrom to Shutter Both Downtown San Francisco Stores, Citing Difficult Conditions

Tucker Carlson Gets $100 Million Offer To Join New Media Company

JUST IN: McCarthy Flips, Backs New Weapons And Aid For Ukraine

Another Lefty Rag is getting ready to bite the dust: Vice Bankrupt once worth 6 billion

Elon Musk Responds To Jarring Ballot Irregularities In Maricopa County

Update: Gov. Kate Brown signed a law to allow Oregon students to graduate without proving they can write or do math. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Just 5% of Detroit public school students rated ‘proficient’

AB5 Banning Diesel Trucks in California & the Trucking Industry: How This California Bill Could Impact Driver Capacity

Bud Light sales continue to plummet after transgender marketing controversy

At least 6 dead after dust storm causes 80-vehicle pile-up on Illinois highway

The U.S. could hit the debt ceiling by June 1, much sooner than expected, Yellen warns: Advice – stop spending so much!!!!

Lefties have their long knives out for Elon

“I Have A Right!”: Brave Student Destroys School Board After Being Sent Home For Shirt Saying There Are Only Two Genders

Mental: Father Who Sexually Abused 7-Year-Old Daughter For “Trans Porn” Company Now Recorded As A “Female” Offender By NJDOC

Man Accused Of Murdering Five ‘Execution Style’ Was Previously-Deported Illegal Immigrant, ICE Says

Ex-CIA chief spills on how he got spies to write false Hunter Biden laptop letter to ‘help Biden’

Rural Texas school promotes chatrooms for children to talk to strangers about gender, tells parents to affirm trans kids

Former US Attorney Claims AG Barr Pressured Him Not to Investigate Voter Fraud

Thomas Jefferson president ‘should have known better,’ says the CEO in a note to the system’s community: His crime was – He Liked Alex Berenson’s Tweets

Chelsea Clinton Roasted for Pushing Sexually Explicit Books on Children

On today’s episode of “Biden vs. His Teleprompter”…

Hunter’s Expensive Lawyers Argue That He Is “Too Poor” To Pay Child Support

First Republic Bank Is Seized by Regulators and Sold to JPMorgan Chase

Chelsea Clinton pushes LGBTQ and porn for children

Cruz – Death Penalty for the Shooter

Raw video: Cars emerge through dust amid I-55 pile-up in Illinois

Mental: Shocking video: Suspect sprays gas from pumps in Northeast Minneapolis

BLM activist ruined white University of Virginia student’s rep over ‘misheard’ remark: report

Good News: Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘hate’ list suffers ‘monumental’ legal setback

As many as 100 homes damaged by tornado in Virginia Beach, officials say

ON THE RUN Texas shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa updates

First Republic Bank have been closed by regulators, as this is the 2nd largest bank failure in U.S. history

Meat is crucial for human health, scientists warn

The Tenth Amendment – The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Marsha Blackburn: Democrats Lecture on Compassion as Migrant Kids End Up Labor Trafficked Under Biden

8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’

Bud Light’s Demise at the Hands of Credentialed Woke Millennials

Yes, we called it earlier: Mexican national wanted in deadly Texas shooting of 5 neighbors ‘could be anywhere,’ sheriff says

The people in charge replace competent white guys with people who look good on the brochure of their imagined new world order.

The broken left

Associated Press—who used capitol riot to redefine ‘insurrection’—now OUTRAGED by GOP calling state capitol riots ‘insurrections’

Ex-CIA Moscow station chief reveals why he refused to sign Hunter Biden laptop ‘disinfo’ letter

Cruz Mocks Biden Admin for Pushing All Electric Military Vehicles: Hopefully Our Enemies Will Be Nice Enough to Install Charging Stations

Judicial Watch: Records Show Funding for EcoHealth/Wuhan Institute Research to Create Coronavirus ‘Mutants’

Judge shreds Soros-backed prosecutor, moves to hold her in criminal contempt: ‘Rudderless ship of chaos‘

Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer

5 dead in Texas ‘execution-style’ shooting, suspect armed with AR-15 is on the loose

Was the Texas shooter here illegally?

Tornado drama in South Florida

The Truth About America’s History of Slavery

Colorado House Dems Vote Against Making Indecent Exposure to Children a Felony, Argue It Targets Drag Shows

New York on Verge of Being First State to Ban Natural Gas

Supreme Court Justices release unanimous 9-0 letter slamming Democrat Senators over fake Clarence Thomas “ethics” scandal

Russian official blames Ukrainian drones as huge fire engulfs Crimean oil depot

ASPCA gives 2% of budget to pet shelters while ‘hoarding’ millions, pushing ‘anti-farmer’ agenda: think tank

NC Supreme Court overturns gerrymandering decision, reinstates voter ID law, ends felons’ voting rights

Boebert Puts Biden On Blast: ‘You’re Known For Sniffing Little Girls’ Hair’

500 Australians Join World’s First COVID Vaccine Injury Class Action Lawsuit

Awesome Exchange Between Climate Czar and Rep Thomas Massie on CO2

Conservative young Americans aren’t nearly as outnumbered as it might seem

Insane DOJ wants to force child mutilation: Justice Department challenges Tennessee’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors

Blatant Communist Rag – Posted because its important to keep up with the other side. CommonDreams should be CommieDreams.

Rand Paul grills Samantha Power

Utah Mayor discovers groomer porno in schools and demands removal

Monkeypox Warning for Gays: Risk Assessment of Mpox Resurgence and Vaccination Considerations

New Commie App Alert: The New Social Network That Is Finally Threatening Elon Musk’s Twitter

First Republic’s stock poised to rise for second day as regional bank searches for rescue deal

Justice Samuel Alito: ‘This Made Us Targets of Assassination’

North Carolina bill that would ban ESG investment policies stalls

In California, public officials now favor the lawless and deviant over the law-abiding and hardworking.

Money Pit: The Inflation Reduction Act Price Jumps From $385 Billion to Over $1 Trillion

3 soldiers dead after Army attack helicopters collide and crash in Alaska

Blocked Gov’t Report Finds Fluoride Lowers Kids’ IQ, Case Heads to Court

Livestock and mRNA Vaccines: What You Need To Know

Elon Musk Says the Fate of the U.S. Dollar Is Sealed

Isn’t this fascist? States ‘must refuse’ to put Trump’s name on the ballot, says former Clinton labor secretary, Robert Reich

Americans for Tax Reform: IRS Hiring Gun-Carrying Agents in all 50 States

Jerry Springer, legendary talk show host, dead at 79