Cultural Marxism/Social Justice Goals

How many of these issues do you recognize in society today and who is pushing these social justice goals?

Note: This list is derived from the Frankfurt School who’s stated goal is for members of the Frankfurt School to develop a theory of society that is based on Marxism and Hegelian philosophy but which also utilizes the insights of psychoanalysis, sociology, existential philosophy, and other disciplines.

Cultural Marxism/Social Justice Goals:

1. The creation and promotion of racism offences (fake hate crimes – Jussie Smollett et al) See the Fake Hate Crimes posts for many examples of this issue.

2. Continual change to create confusion

3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality/transsexuality to children

4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority

5. Huge immigration to destroy cultural identity – open borders or unlimited immigration

6. The promotion of excessive drinking/drug use

7. Emptying of churches/denigrating religion for secularism

8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

9. Dependency on the state or state benefits

10. Control and dumbing down of media

11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

12. Destroying/rewriting history. Additionally, on this topic, keeping people ignorant/uneducated

1. Racism Promotion

As stated in the description above, there are many examples of this social justice goal. Leaders of the pack include Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama. We all know about Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition, under the guise of civil rights and human rights, used extortion like tactics against corporations to enrich himself and his organization. It earned him the moniker of “shakedown artist“. Al Sharpton’s exploits are chronicled her on our Fake Hate Crimes posts.

Leadership – Barak Obama

“But Barack Obama”, how did he come anywhere close to sleazy exploits of Jackson or Sharpton?  Through government grants and policies such as the Promise Program. That one program can be directly attributed to the Parkland High School mass shooting event which led to the deaths of 17 high school students in Florida. The Promise Program, hailed by Obama himself, promised not to prosecute minority people for crimes or aberrant behavior. It ignored these budding criminals in the hopes that being lenient on them would make them better citizens. Instead, it led to 17 adolescents losing their lives.

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) the Army of Pot Stirrers

There are many more other than the three mentioned above. A movement sprang up in the early 2000s of people calling themselves Social Justice Warriors or SJWs. Colleges and universities, mostly leftwing, pump these people out with impunity by the hundreds. In other words, the universities and colleges are teaching these people to hate other Americans based on their skin color. Why would higher education do that? As noted above, these universities and colleges are leftwing and it fits right into the Marxist agenda. Here is an example of one from social media:

Dissecting this rant: Yes, republicans used to be for smaller government and to a degree they still are but they have to compete for votes using the treasury. Many republicans used to be conservative but that is no longer the case. I surmise it is because the left has gone so far left that they have gone full blown commie. See a recent example for student loans which was nothing more than a vote buying scheme and money laundering of tax payer dollars from the government to big leftwing universities and colleges.

Banning books – porno books were banned because children shouldn’t be taught those kinds of things

Medical procedures – the SJW above is referencing the mutilation of sexual organs so the child can change sexes. Completely ludicrous until the child becomes an adult.

Censorship – Read the Twitter files but the left typically accuses the right of that which they are guilty of.

White Guilt and Systemic Racism

White guilt is, sincerely, a total crock of BS usually experienced by lefties. This whole guilt/shame narrative falls under the category of emotional blackmail.

Emotional Blackmail

Don’t fall for it.


2. Continual change to create confusion

Continual change has to do with words, phrases, descriptive names, and rewriting history. They love controlling the language and they especially love rewriting history. It serves them well and creates confusion amongst the average Joe just trying to live their life in a peaceful manner. This method serves the Communists in many ways including getting normal people that could care less about politics to tune out politics altogether. After all, most people simply want to be left alone so they can do whatever they want to do including being productive to themselves and their family.

Continual change can also be siloed with others items on SJW List. For example, the endless spouting from the leftist media can go one and on into weeks and months and years and when it is later to be found false, they never retract or clarify. A rational person will find it difficult and cumbersome to keep up with all the changes.

Very often postmodernism advances, not by showing that our beliefs are false or that we are wrong, but by trying to weaken our conviction that our society is good and robbing us of the confidence we have in our civilization. Don’t buy it.

Notes for future reference:

Part of woke (from Marxist Frankfurt school, critical theory) is deconstruction of existing systems sex, justice, marriage, history, boundaries… the trans is a part used to deconstruct yet more of the young and innocent they haven’t yet destroyed/ruined.A mutated cold war weapon………The woke routinely use the terms racist, nazi, xxxxphobe, et; literally as a ‘magic’ phrase to falsely virtue silence or shame any who question or speak up. This technique is used consistently across the entire West, revealing its roots. People are starting to realize this. constructivism, critical conscious,

The problem is that the youngsters are being taught that ’Socialism’ (aka Marxism), is kind & compassionate & they’re falling for it. Anyone who argues is a ‘fascist’. Where are our intelligence services? Where’s the fight back? The World needs MAGA. Like the water slowly boiling the frog in the pan. Infiltrated thru academia (as intended), then up thru the ranks over time across the West. Accelerated and highly weaponized under the falsely charming and deceptive Marxist, Obama.

We’ve been under Marxist attack since the 1960s & now we’re suffering the 4th generation of output from infiltrated Western academia . ‘Rot the West from within, destroy their belief in history, the family, their Institutions’.


Work in progress. We will complete giving you full examples of the list above as time permits.

Consensus Science is Bad Science – A History of Consensus Science

We decided to document a thread from Twitter by @HiFiWhiPhi who seems to be missing in action lately. We think he is playing Grizzly Adams in the woods somewhere. Here is thread on Twitter if you want to read it there:


Consensus Science is Bad Science 1:

Ignaz Semmelweis

Ignaz Semmelweis, who suggested that doctors should wash their hands, and who eliminated puerperal fever as a result, was fired, harassed, forced to move, had his career destroyed, and died in a mental institution at age 47. All this because he went against consensus science.


J Harlen Bretz

J Harlen Bretz, the geologist who documented the catastrophic Missoula floods, was ridiculed and humiliated by uniformitarian “elders” for 30 years before his ideas were accepted. All this because he went against consensus science. He was eventually awarded the Penrose Medal.


Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener, the geophysicist who first proposed continental drift, the basis of plate tectonics, was berated for over 40 years by mainstream geologists who organized to oppose him in favour of a trans-oceanic land bridge. All this because he went against consensus science.


Aristarchus of Samos, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo

Aristarchus of Samos, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, brilliant minds and leaders in their field all supported the heliocentric model. They were at some point either ignored, derided, vilified, or jailed for their beliefs. All this because they went against consensus science.


Carl F. Gauss

Carl F. Gauss, discoverer of non-Euclidean geometry, self-censored his own work for 30 years for fear of ridicule, reprisal, and relegation. It did not become known until after his death. Similar published work was ridiculed. All this because he went against consensus science.


Hans Alfven

Hans Alfven, a Nobel plasma physicist, showed that electric currents operate at large scales in the cosmos. His work was considered unorthodox and is still rejected despite providing answers to many of cosmology’s problems. All this because he went against consensus science.


Georg Cantor

Georg Cantor, creator of set theory in mathematics, was so fiercely attacked that he suffered long bouts of depression. He was called a charlatan and a corrupter of youth and his work was referred to as utter nonsense. All this because he went against consensus science.


Kristian Birkeland

Kristian Birkeland, the man who explained the polar aurorae, had his views disputed and ridiculed as a fringe theory by mainstream scientists until fifty years after his death. He is thought by some to have committed suicide. All this because he went against consensus science.


Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel, founder of genetics, whose seminal paper was criticized by the scientific community, was ignored for over 35 years. Most of the leading scientists simply failed to understand his obscure and innovative work. All this because he went against consensus science.

Bulldoze the Universities

This story started with students shouting down a federal judge who came there to talk to the students. The petulant students decided whatever the judge was going to speak about was too much for their tiny Marxist brains to absorb. I can’t imagine what the next 20 years will be with people like this becoming judges, attorneys, and CEO’s. It’s going to be a train wreck for the USA and nothing good will come from this type of behavior.