Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People?

Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People?

Remember How the Left Dehumanized Non-Vaccinated People?

They did tried backflips, they to excoriated you, they tried to embarrassed you, and they threatened you and your job. They spread their hate, in the name of “science”, to family members and co-workers and friends. And some of those people did the same to you. Do you remember? No worries, Pepperidge Farms and the Sentinel Free Press remembers. We got your back. Never let them forget how they are the true fascists by trying to force everyone into a medical experiment. One that failed BTW.

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We’ll start off with a few Tweeters. Oh, the memories:


Awwww….See how they think? The media, influencers, and politicians tell them to think like this and it spreads out to the low info populace. I’m wondering if this is how it happened in Nazi Germany. I know, Godwin’s Law strikes again but the mention of Nazis has eerie similarities to what happened during the COVID fiasco. If you showed dissident style disagreement with the Nazi government at the time people would hush you or shame you or worse. I can only imagine and compare it to what happened during COVID where if you fell out of lockstep with the politicians, the media, or others and their made-up “Lysenko” “science”. This only occurs when someone (these abusive people) love their ideology more they love themselves. And hate the people opposed to their ideology. It’s a strange mix on how those people got there but it does involve love and hate which is pathological if you ask me. Let’s see another example:

covidiot cultist

Never Let Them Forget

Never let them forget. They were the sick ones. They were the one that made it up (Rochel Walinsky and Natural Immunity), they were the ones trying to force into a medical experiment. They were the ones that wanted to deny you access to basic services. They were the ones wanting to fire you from your job. They were the ones that wanted to deny you your freedom. They were the evil ones. Never let them forget.

The people that got multiple mRNA vaccines and boosters are still getting COVID

Proof they were all wrong. Excess mortality has gone through the roof since the started the mRNA “vaccinations”.

And now for the coup de grace:



Mental Health and Lefties

COVID exposed lots of people who are totalitarian at heart. They wished death upon people during the COVID lockdowns because someone wouldn’t wear a mask of which there was no definite science saying masks worked. Even after the mandates have been dropped in many places they continue to push the mask narrative. And that doesn’t even bring up the vaccine narratives they are pushing even though there is a ton evidence saying the vaccine (or what they call a vaccine) causes serious harm or even death. To lefties, it is their way or the highway despite science or solid data.

Now let’s look at the mental health of these people on the left that threateningly insist you should listen to them.

They go above and beyond to support their narrative and try to force you to accept their way even making things up in the form of disinformation and misinformation.

This study, while limited, supports the thesis that lefties have much more mental health issues than those in the “right” spectrum. 

Emergency Use Authorization, COVID, Ivermectin, and Disinformation

EUA and Legal Compliance

It is illegal to authorize an EUA for any drug/vaccine if an existing drug is found to be effective. An EUA can only be granted when no adequate, approved, available alternatives exist, and when the known and potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. Existing drugs, early treatment protocols needed to be smeared/crushed in order to push this vax agenda through.

Alternatives to an Experimental Drug

There are many questions to be asked about this legal requirement to the FDA and the CDC. Those two agencies facilitated the EUA for the mRNA vaccine. Why was hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin demonized and the letter referred to as horse medicine by the FDA themselves? Here is the FDA on Twitter referring to Ivermectin has “horse medicine”. They knew full well that this drug was originally used for humans and morphed into the veterinary field to help animals.

FDA Ivermectin Horse Dewormer

HCQ was treated in the same fashion when the FDA and CDC knew these drugs can be used as prophylactics and boost the immune system to help fight viruses. There are studies where scientists discovered this to be true. See an Ivermectin study here and an HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) study here showing these drugs have antiviral properties and help fight virus in the body. Those are not the only studies. Go down the rabbit hole and you will find other studies for those two drugs along with many others.

What Happened with EUA When There Were Alternatives Available

What happened during the “pandemic” was that the doctors who prescribed the alternative drugs were threatened with losing their licenses to practice medicine. The full court press wrote about this and scared many doctors into compliance. Even pharmacies stopped honoring prescriptions for ivermectin and HCQ during the pandemic. This occurred so often some state legislatures have passed laws making sure pharmacies honor legal prescriptions from doctors.


Now the question is why and I think everyone knows the answer to that question. Before we get into answering the question let us look into the safety of those drugs:

HCQ is safer than over the counter Tylenol!

Here is a study on the safety of ivermectin. The results of recent COVID-19 trials show that overall, ivermectin is safe and well-tolerated.

We have now reached the point where we can honestly ask WHY? Why did the FDA and CDC along with many other governmental agencies and people demonized two safe and effective drugs? To answer that question look at the members of the FDA that previous were employed by the pharmaceutical company pushing the new mRNA vaccine. Going down the rabbit hole means you follow the money.

Remember, these are the kind of people calling you conspiracy theorists

covid lunatics

Science is all about asking questions. Why does the left want to censor you when you ask questions?

If they trying to sell a narrative keep asking questions. If it is a valid narrative it will hold up to the questions. If it is an invalid narrative it will fall apart, or as in many cases with lefties, they will try to censor/cancel you.