Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People?

Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People?

Remember How the Left Dehumanized Non-Vaccinated People?

They did tried backflips, they to excoriated you, they tried to embarrassed you, and they threatened you and your job. They spread their hate, in the name of “science”, to family members and co-workers and friends. And some of those people did the same to you. Do you remember? No worries, Pepperidge Farms and the Sentinel Free Press remembers. We got your back. Never let them forget how they are the true fascists by trying to force everyone into a medical experiment. One that failed BTW.

covid poll democrat fascists

We’ll start off with a few Tweeters. Oh, the memories:


Awwww….See how they think? The media, influencers, and politicians tell them to think like this and it spreads out to the low info populace. I’m wondering if this is how it happened in Nazi Germany. I know, Godwin’s Law strikes again but the mention of Nazis has eerie similarities to what happened during the COVID fiasco. If you showed dissident style disagreement with the Nazi government at the time people would hush you or shame you or worse. I can only imagine and compare it to what happened during COVID where if you fell out of lockstep with the politicians, the media, or others and their made-up “Lysenko” “science”. This only occurs when someone (these abusive people) love their ideology more they love themselves. And hate the people opposed to their ideology. It’s a strange mix on how those people got there but it does involve love and hate which is pathological if you ask me. Let’s see another example:

covidiot cultist

Never Let Them Forget

Never let them forget. They were the sick ones. They were the one that made it up (Rochel Walinsky and Natural Immunity), they were the ones trying to force into a medical experiment. They were the ones that wanted to deny you access to basic services. They were the ones wanting to fire you from your job. They were the ones that wanted to deny you your freedom. They were the evil ones. Never let them forget.

The people that got multiple mRNA vaccines and boosters are still getting COVID

Proof they were all wrong. Excess mortality has gone through the roof since the started the mRNA “vaccinations”.

And now for the coup de grace:



Gavin Newsome and Walgreens

Since California essentially made shoplifting legal causing many retail establishments to close their stores because of theft. Be careful when researching this as many MSM outlets say it is not shoplifting why these stores are closing but we all know they spin everything to their politically partisan worlds benefit.

Shoplifting in San Francisco is so out of control that retailers are closing stores

Most people are used to seeing windows boarded up when hurricanes are approaching. In this case, the hurricanes are vast theft because of lefty laws. But these people voted for this type of government that makes laws like this so they can only point fingers at themselves for this fiasco.

Gavin Newsome and Walgreens

Governor of California made a statement saying California “is done” with Walgreens declaring the state will no longer support or do business with Walgreens.

What is ironic in all this is how the left goes all out to cancel you from their realm if you disagree with them politically. They want to drive you out of business and hurt you financially whether your business serves thousands of people in their communities. None of that matters to the left, you must obey and support all their political notions of be banished forever. Is that not a mechanism to bring in Fascism on a massive scale? The very thing the left accuses of the right.

Michael Knowles Defamed by Lefty Press

The lefty press has done it again. Defamation is something they love doing because these press outlets are inherently dishonest.

A clip from the CPAC speech

What is being reported by the lefty press:

Here is a Tweet by a California senator. This senator wrote legislation to decriminalize knowingly spreading HIV and to soften the laws on pedophilia.

Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative

Cornell University (along with other US universities) has dubious links to the Chinese.

Misinformation – Media Driving the Narrative – This post is being written in regard to a media report trying to drive the narrative for misinformation. How many times have the fact-checker sites been caught being wrong? Fact-checker sites using dubious sources and opinion rather than facts to support their narrative that, oddly, always seems to go against the right and our president? (more…)