Consensus Science is often Wrong

Great thread on consensus science and how often times they are wrong. How many times have you heard some say "the consensus of scientists say (fill in the blank)"? Read through this comprehensive thread to see how often the consensus is....

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Al Gore Climate Lies

Al Gore Climate Lies British Judge Rules Al Gore's Film Contains 9 Scientific Errors Al Gore Climate Lies - These are the 9 most egregious lies of Al Gore's film as determined by a UK judge. h/t @TaylorSorenson6 — DawnTJ90™ 🇵🇭💖🇨🇦 (@DawnTJ90)...

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WEF Promotes Carbon Footprint Tracker

WEF Carbon Footprint Tracker Development From the horses mouth:After COVID and the totalitarians pushing vaccine passports how long do you think it will be before they attach this type of system to your payment methods and decline basic purchases because you exceeded...

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Failed Predictions by Climate Scientists

Failed Climate Predictions This is a running list of failed climate predictions. Excellent article on this subject Dr. David Viner from the Climatic Research Unit predicted in 2000 that within a few years, English children will not know what snow is. What really...

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Failed Predictions

There are too many to list and once you see them all it will make you wonder whether these are idiot scientists making these predictions or doomsayers from a cult making them in order to grift from society or both. We will update as time permits.

We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says