Great thread on consensus science and how often times they are wrong. How many times have you heard some say “the consensus of scientists say (fill in the blank)”? Read through this comprehensive thread to see how often the consensus is.

That thread contains 31 instances of scientists who were excoriated and shunned by their peers when, in the end, these people turned out to be correct. Now make the jump to modern day and every time you hear news media people or others say, “well the consensus of scientists say global warming is real” or “the consensus of scientists say climate change is going to kill millions of people” think about this thread. You may also want to read our post on “Failed Predictions” to see how these so-called scientists have gotten it wrong many times in the past.

Historically, there are other slants to how science was twisted by people in control and history shows these people in a bad light. Take a good look at this guy for perspective:

science and lysenko

You can go down the rabbit hole for that guy and you will learn a new word called Lysenkoism. To me, it describes perfectly many of the these climate nut jobs that are often wrong and yell the “consensus of scientists say” screed you hear too often in social media and the mainstream media.