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Let’s put this altogether. From clown world we bring a ginned up government conspiracy in the making.


The Feds march. Affectionately referred to as “glowies” because they are too obvious in promoting this fake “white supremacist’s” conspiracy. This event coincided with a speech Biden gave and Mayorkis showing up on the Sunday Morning media shows to promote the “white supremacy” conspiracy. Ironically, while the southern border is being overrun. These people deserve all the respect that the highest regarded clown deserves.

Same day Biden gave a speech for Historical Black Colleges and Universities.




Don’t forget they also set this up to try and undermine a republican running for governor of Virginia.

Patriot Front Feds


And the coup de grace, the DC police keeping people from following Patriot Front Feds into the subway so they can remove their masks and return to headquarters. It’s so sick and obvious how the communists operate scams these days.