Welcome to our Jussie Smollett pages where we expose race hustling grifters and others faking hate crimes to push their sordid agenda

This is a running post

We begin with a tribute to the pioneering Reverend Al Sharpton who started his career as a race hustler with the Tawana Brawley fake hate crime. Blurring of lines between being a reverend and hate crime hoaxer, the reverend wasn’t finished.

Yes, the Reverend Al wasn’t done pushing hate. In a true story dubbed “New York City’s Kristallnacht” Reverend Al took on the Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, stirring up more hate crime.

Narrative Busted: Man Throwing Bricks At NYC Gay Bar Was Actually A Gay Man Enacting ‘Revenge,’ Police Say

LGBTQ slurs found at MIT done by students protesting school’s new pro-free speech efforts

Professor caught faking race hate data

Leftist Politician Fined for Faking Neo-Nazi Hate Crimes Against Himself

LGBTQ slurs found at MIT done by students protesting school’s new pro-free speech efforts

Lefties wrong again, swastikas, and a Mexican.

Tennessee Vaccine Czar PHD gets fired for making false claim. The trash takes itself out.

Cyberstalker arrested for making fake racist social media post. Gets busted.

Georgia woman pretending to white man arrested for fake hate crime.

BLM/Antifa try to frame Proud Boys. Get busted.

Sacramento girls instigate fake hate crime. Get busted.

Voter suppression accusations and seven churches burned. Race hustler hate crime instigator gets busted.

Black, gay, and vegan instigates hate crime. Gets busted.

Voter-suppression claim collapses after black man arrested for burning churches

BLM, Antifa activists convicted of arson after attempting to frame Proud Boys for their own crimes

Portland journalist who reported on the ‘alt- right’ for liberal papers arrested over attacks on synagogues, mosque

Hoax alert: Black Illinois student criminally charged for racist notes

Surveillance shows vandals who wrote racial slur on cars at Providence College

ECU Theta Chi member speaks out about racist social media post

HATE HOAX?: Rep. Cori Bush Posts ‘White Supremacist’ Hate Message It Appears She Wrote Herself

Vandals captured on security camera at Spring Lake auto shop

University hate crime report leaves out that 90 percent of NYC arrestees are black or Latino

White Bear Lake superintendent says messages sent to students of color ‘a hoax’