Since California essentially made shoplifting legal causing many retail establishments to close their stores because of theft. Be careful when researching this as many MSM outlets say it is not shoplifting why these stores are closing but we all know they spin everything to their politically partisan worlds benefit.

Shoplifting in San Francisco is so out of control that retailers are closing stores

Most people are used to seeing windows boarded up when hurricanes are approaching. In this case, the hurricanes are vast theft because of lefty laws. But these people voted for this type of government that makes laws like this so they can only point fingers at themselves for this fiasco.

Gavin Newsome and Walgreens

Governor of California made a statement saying California “is done” with Walgreens declaring the state will no longer support or do business with Walgreens.

What is ironic in all this is how the left goes all out to cancel you from their realm if you disagree with them politically. They want to drive you out of business and hurt you financially whether your business serves thousands of people in their communities. None of that matters to the left, you must obey and support all their political notions of be banished forever. Is that not a mechanism to bring in Fascism on a massive scale? The very thing the left accuses of the right.