Leave the children alone damn it!!!! A recent trend by the left is grooming children by indoctrinating them early with their mental illness and gender confusion BS. Here we have documented several sources to prove these people are serious and are seriously sick. Use this information to help when engaging with lefties that deny it is happening. BTW, that is one of their tactics in any debate. They deny it is happening and then deflect. We begin with a video from the San Francisco men’s choir.

They’ll tell you that video is only parody and meant as a joke.

Follow Libs of TikTok on Twitter. That account simply reposts videos of lefties spewing their garbage on TikTok. See the embedded Twitter thread below to see a Libs of TikTok post.

You can also follow Christopher Rufo on Twitter. Both accounts are in the following thread below.

Rufo also covers CRT issues and exposes the left in their lies about these subjects.

Another excellent account to follow, one that thoroughly exposes lefties on this subject, is Matt Walsh.

Why are lefties exploiting children?

Neo-Marxist hate America and want to destroy anything that makes America strong. Creating problems like this with children creates lots of stress inside families. Lefties hate the family unit and want to splinter families in America. Families create strong individuals that are hard working and responsible. Lefties don’t want you being successful as an individual. Individuality is their enemy. They want you to be loyal to the state and not your family. Going down the rabbit hole on this subject read about Pol Pot in Cambodia. See Hillary Clintons book “It takes a Village” referencing raising your children. Not mom and dad, not a family, but it takes a village to raise your children. Now watch this video snippet concerning this matter:

Therefore, be aware of the neo-Marxist and their goals to tear down America. Honestly, I’m amazed at the progress they’ve had with this sick groomer behavior and indoctrinating children. There are too many useful idiot adults helping the neo-Marxist agenda. More to come in future updates. Comment below.

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Excellent short video.