COVID exposed lots of people who are totalitarian at heart. They wished death upon people during the COVID lockdowns because someone wouldn’t wear a mask of which there was no definite science saying masks worked. Even after the mandates have been dropped in many places they continue to push the mask narrative. And that doesn’t even bring up the vaccine narratives they are pushing even though there is a ton evidence saying the vaccine (or what they call a vaccine) causes serious harm or even death. To lefties, it is their way or the highway despite science or solid data.

Now let’s look at the mental health of these people on the left that threateningly insist you should listen to them.

They go above and beyond to support their narrative and try to force you to accept their way even making things up in the form of disinformation and misinformation.

This study, while limited, supports the thesis that lefties have much more mental health issues than those in the “right” spectrum.