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Here’s Everything The FBI Deliberately Ignored To Get Trump In Russian Collusion Hoax, According To Durham

Most Covid Patients Who Died in Hospital Were Killed by Ventilators, Study Finds

Mass Shooting Alert: Farmington New Mexico

Biden Admin Launches Initiative to Train Public How to Spot ‘Radical’ Conservatives and Fight ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Judge orders halt to fast releases at US border with Mexico

New York hotel CANCELS 30 rooms for Florida couple’s wedding to make room for illegal immigrants

Unconfirmed reports of George Soros’ Death

Illinois passes bill to defund libraries that keep sexually explicit books away from children – Groomer Enablers

Erdogan in the lead but still not enough votes to avoid runoff in two weeks

Al Jazeera on the Turkey elections

Haitians waiting to cross the border

Breaking: AOC former aide now leader of New York Communist Party

Trans Propaganda on Nickelodeon Targeting Children

CDC Whistleblower on vaccines and autism

Did you know illegal aliens are allowed to perform uncompensated volunteer work for campaigns? Betcha the DNC knows.

Where was Neely’s family when he was roaming the streets of NYC?

Conspiracy by Biden, Mayorkus, and Patriot Front Feds

Clown World Strikes Again on MSNBC, the Clown Network: MSNBC brings a white liberal to explain that Latinos are turning into white supremacists

Twisted Dereliction of Duty: ‘Vehicular crime wave’: Baltimore suing Kia and Hyundai over lack of anti-theft tech

Mothers Day in a Sick Woke Lefty World

Out of touch Dr. Proudman get’s spanked

Isn’t the social credit score systems wonderful? This is how things go in one-party rule (Communist) countries

They’re trying to lock up Daniel Penny but freeing the criminals on Rikers Island early. Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik

Border patrol agents arrested an Afghan national who crossed illegally and was on the FBI’s terror watchlist

Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People? (Excellent video attached to article)

“The sense that we are losing control of our own country, by the design of politicians, is creating a fury”

Barrington schools settle with teachers fired over COVID vaccination. They get paid and reinistated

Video message from the “great reset” chief clown concerning privacy

Future in America if One-Party rule ever comes to our land and the Democrats take control

Washington Post good for lining the birdcage

Treasonous facilitator of an invasion at the southern border presiding over a disinformation infrastructure that criminalizes dissent

The Woke University’s Servant Class: Commies whining about other Commies

What Happened to the Left?

UPDATED: How mass killers pick out venues where their victims are sitting ducks

AbramsX: General Dynamics presents the replacement for the M1 Abrams MBT

Fed says it is developing an experimental digital currency

Scary: New Global Reserve Currency Announced This Week to End Cash

Stack of WWII-era Nazi cargo washes up on Texas beaches

A massive explosion this morning at an alleged ammunition depot in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

These people want to rule your life

Michigan boy uses a slingshot to save his sister from being abducted from backyard, police say

Thanks To Obama’s Policies, Another Child Has Been Victimized By An Illegal Alien

Dollar Weaponization Expands – FDIC Message to Foreign Depositors Is Don’t Trust the US

SpaceX’s Falcon rocket family reaches 200 straight successful missions

Erdogan in a fight for political life

Texas Ban on Gender Modification for Minors Passes Major Hurdle

America’s state media: The blackout on Biden corruption is truly ‘Pulitzer-level stuff’

NCAA Strips Lia Thomas Of National Championship After “Unfavorable” Test Results

BOMBSHELL: James O’Keefe Uncovers Massive Potential Political Money Laundering to Democrat Campaigns

WATCH: CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Says Title 42 Expiration Is Why He Illegally Entered U.S.

Dr. Marty Makary Roasts CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky for Ignoring Natural Immunity

Covid Retrospective Series: Media: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

Never forget the war that was waged against the unvaccinated. Never.

What Mass Formation Psychosis looks like

Alarming Surge In Gun Shop Robberies As Democrats Fail To Enforce Law And Order

Feds pretending to be right wingers protesting in DC

North Carolina governor vetoes abortion limits, launches override showdown

Retarded: Biden at Howard Univ.: “The most dangerous threat to our homeland is white supremacy … and I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU.

The intentional destruction of Americas power grid by ignorant leftists

The dumming down of American children – Stupid people are easier to control

NJ Democrat Senator failed to give the “big guy” his 10% cut and is now under investigation

No surprise, lefties triggered by reality

JUST IN: FBI Misled Americans On January 6 ‘Pipe Bombs’ Planted At RNC And DNC, Ex-Agent Says

Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates

It is a city of lawlessness. Where criminals roam and law biding citizens go to jail.

ALALibrary President elect, “gonna have the gayest innauguration”. These are the people suggesting groomer books for schools.

New Shocking Report Shows DHS Using Communist Tactics Against Americans

Migrants in Brownsville, Texas, open packets from DHS and use government-issued cell phones

Border Invasion Video

BREAKING: A Dead Body has been found inside freezer of Arby’s restaurant

Daniel Penny to be charged with manslaughter for NYC subway chokehold that killed Jordan Neely

Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund

Jordan Neely had history of attacks on subway riders before NYC chokehold death

AI is racist

Warning: Not for the faint of heart

Senator Cadaver………..uhm…….Feinstein

El Paso has been invaded: Video

America First Legal Sues Nashville, TN Police Department for Illegally Concealing Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale’s “Manifesto”

Cornell University professor warns about new free speech committee being stacked with DEI scholars

DEI Swallows Texas A&M

Arrogance: Disney’s Bob Iger taunts Florida with an ominous threat: ‘Does the state want us to invest more, employ more, and pay more taxes — or not?’

LOL…..Couple suspected of buying Bud Light attacked outside Canada liquor store

AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are

Fruit Loopy Parents damaging kids: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Clinical Definition

Parents are suing over claims teachers encouraged their sixth-grade daughters to join LGBTQ club but to keep it a secret: Girls were told ‘if they are not happy in their bodies they are transgender’

Musk hints at psyop for Allen shooter. Lots of comments

Invasive, toxic worms are back in Texas due to recent rains, summerlike warmth

How to create a stampede out of your state. Taxing corporations, closing prisons? Gavin Newsom weighs options to close California’s deficit

Wait. Wut? Isn’t it supposed to be global warming? Salt delivery from the Indian Ocean helped end multiple ice ages, finds study

Elon Musk mocks vice president’s AI role: ‘Maybe someone who can fix their own WiFi router’

The 1st photo of Earth from Europe’s powerful new satellite is amazing

Mortgage demand surged after Fed signaled potential pause in rate hikes

Feelin the Heat, White House slams Comer, accuses GOP of conducting ‘evidence-free’ probe into Biden family

Net-zero by 2050: The most expensive federal program ever

Vast and SpaceX plan to launch the first commercial space station in 2025

The Biden Administration and the Liberal Media Won’t Stop Lying About the Border. Here’s the Truth

US annual inflation increases to 4.9%. Forget the Reuters headline as they try to put lipstick on a pig.

Georgia football team declines Joe Biden’s White House invitation

Texas National Guard deployed soldiers to address illegal crossings at US-Mexico border

George Santos pleads not guilty to 13 federal charges, including fraud and money laundering

19 years down the drain: Finland’s party Prime Minister Sanna Marin divorcing husband

Turkey Elections. Can Erdogan extend his 20 year reign?

What is really driving ExxonMobil’s clean energy commitments?

A Scientist Says He’s Solved the Bermuda Triangle, Just Like That

Gun Free Zone Specifically Targeted: Allen, Texas, mall shooter had 8 guns and targeted location, authorities say

Virtue Signal Confirmed: CA Gov. Newsom declines to back reparations checks, says slavery’s legacy about ‘more than cash payments’

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin says Russian troops are running away from the front lines

Vice President Joe Biden while serving in office, received a $1 million bribe from Romanian real estate tycoon

Elon Musk reveals Tucker Carlson has NOT signed a deal with Twitter as he welcomes his new show to the platform

White supremacy. It’s not just for whites anymore

Trump found liable for sexual abuse, defamation in E. Jean Carroll case, ordered to pay $5M in damages

Russia sends out just ONE tank on Victory Day parade as Putin’s depleted military suffers continued losses in Ukraine

Tucker Carlson Announces He’s Bringing Show to Twitter

China’s yuan is emerging as a strong challenger to the dollar’s dominance. Here are 5 countries that recently turned to the yuan instead of the USD for trade.

Go check out this map that shows just how many vacant office buildings are in downtown San Francisco

What’s in the food? US food pesticides contaminated with toxic ‘forever chemicals’ testing finds

What could go wrong? Long-delayed study to have civilians, not police, make L.A. traffic stops set for release

Texas mall gunman researched when it was busiest, posts show, and had Nazi tattoos

Texas Deploys Special Tactical Border Force as Biden Fails to Protect Southern Border

White House bans The NY Post from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms

80,000 migrants amassed in Guatemala, heading to US for Title 42 end

REPORT: Texas Shooter Praised Trans Nashville Killer Audrey Hale On Social Media

Defense Attorneys Allege Massive Misconduct In Georgia’s Crumbling Get-Trump Crusade

Invasion USA – Video

Joe Biden bribery allegations were brought to DOJ in 2018 — two years before similar claims by whistleblower

Suspected California serial killer identified as Illegal alien who came to US as unaccompanied minor under Obama

Some of the Allen, TX shooters social media uncovered

USA Invasion

Yes, they really are trying to make an Hispanic gang member into a neo-Nazi white supremecist. Read the comments

Brownsville, TX Driver Arrested: Video

US banking crisis: Warren Buffett says bosses should face ‘punishment’

Texas Mall Shooter IDed. He was a Hispanic White Supremecist. SMH!!!

The Constitution’s Grant of Independent Power to States Against Alien Invasion

WATCH: Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Attempt to Evade Law Enforcement in El Paso

The Lesson Of Jordan Neely: Your Courage And Sacrifice Will Be Punished

Joe Biden’s Migrant Flood Sparks Citizen Protests in Chicago

Charles the Third is Crowned

Brownsville, TX: BPD: 7 dead after driver intentionally runs over them in front of migrant shelter

California panel approves reparations proposal of up to $1.2 million EACH for black residents

California can’t pay reparations. The proposal is non-binding and virtue signaling at its finest.

Great thread on how governments are encouraging centralized food production.

The RESTRICT Act Gives Up Nearly All Notions of Checks and Balances

Budget deal worsens New Yorkers’ pain from state’s lunatic climate law

Dozens of migrants rescued from train in Kinney County

Two-mile homeless camp takes over in California’s posh Marin County — and tax dollars help fund it

Hypergrowth: Starlink subscribers skyrocket to 1.5 million

Texas House Moves to Expel Republican Who Drank & Had Sexual Contact With 19-Year-Old Intern

Texas AG Launches Investigation into Doctors Accused of Performing Illegal Sex-Change Surgeries on Children

Ted Cruz challenger said it would’ve been ‘better’ if Second Amendment ‘had not been written’

BLM and SJW’s Shutdown NYC Subways in Retaliation for Jordan Neely Death