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Biden to end familial DNA testing at border, key deterrent to fraud and child trafficking

Now Is the Time for Cuts

Merrick Garland’s J6 Juries Prove Durham’s Point: Conservatives Can’t Get A Fair Trial In D.C.

Isolating China will be ‘impossible and dangerous,’ analyst says, as the G-7 gets tough on Beijing: Testicular fortitude lost in the modern world

Climate Scam: Scotland’s wind turbines have been secretly using diesel generators.

The EU Chief Just Let Slip The Dirty Secret Behind The ‘Green’ Transition – It’s all about degrowth

8 Disturbing Similarities between the Democrat and Nazi Parties

Biden Says $10 Million Payment From Romania To His Cat Is Totally Legitimate – Satire

How Russian Prison Sobers One to Reality: Brittney Griner discusses national anthem stance in return: ‘I definitely want to stand’

No jail time for axe-wielding black man who set Asian UC Berkeley students on fire with blowtorch

British intelligence found FBI Russia collusion probe so absurd it stopped helping

Trump gave veterans real and permanent choice

Jeffrey Epstein Appeared to Threaten Bill Gates Over Microsoft Co-Founder’s Affair With Russian Bridge Player

U.S. memory chipmaker Micron gets the boot from China

In the name of saving the planet, California is destroying it

LOL – NAACP advises against visiting Florida over ‘hostile’ DeSantis polices, gov slams move as ‘stunt’

Ransomware attack forces Dallas to shut down courts, disrupts some 911 services

Why Are Yawns Contagious?

“These are strange days when even Europe is starting to doubt the wisdom of its green agenda”

Blocked Gov’t Report Finds Fluoride Lowers Kids’ IQ, Case Heads to Court

The Tragedy of Indian Point: Bowing to anti-nuclear fears, New York chose to shut down a reliable and safe source of energy—and now burns more fossil fuels than before.

Smallpox Vaccine Recipients Died From Heart Inflammation, Autopsies Find

30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemical Disappears, Investigations Launched

Utah mom accused of poisoning husband with fentanyl in cocktail took out $2 million in life insurance policies on him

More lefty insurrection: Six arrested at Nebraska state capitol during a debate about abortion and transgenderism

Yes: Will the Supreme Court strike down student loan forgiveness?

Fake Indulgences Creates Fake Reality

Putin warns about Biden’s proposal to send F-16s to Ukraine

TX House advances bill aiming to keep sexually explicit materials out of school libraries

Rapper Ice Cube: Black Americans Should Consider Ditching the Democratic Party

WHO Warns Of ‘Unusual’ Surge in Severe Myocarditis in Babies

WATCH: Latino Voter Predicts Mass Hispanic Exodus From Democrat Party In 2024: ‘There Is A Tsunami Going On’ – Fingers crossed

This crap is so tiresome – SMH – Read the comments

The democrats are at it again: New Senate Bill Would Create Federal Agency to Police Americans for ‘Misinformation’ and ‘Hate Speech’ – Can you say unconstitutional?

“She’s been called a racist. She’s been called a thief. There are reasons defamation laws exist, and we plan to pursue that.”

The Unspoken Warning In The Durham Report: American Self-Government Is Collapsing

Sex Offender Busted as Drag Queen Who Read Books To Children in City Library

Transgender Professor At Old Dominion University Rebrands Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

‘Drag mom’ who mentored 11-year-old child drag queen at Satan-themed Oregon pub is sentenced to less than one year in prison for 11 felony child sex crimes

FBI, in “shocking abuse” of its authorities, illegally searched database for info on J6 protesters and other Americans. And why not? Who is going to stop them?

Video: Gaslighters: Progressives insist it’s a conspiracy theory they’d ban gas stoves

The media, the politicians, and the so-called experts are all MORONS!! Using the 14th Amendment would be a rubber stamp for insanity

Debt ceiling: Lefty support for 14th amendment solution mounts on Capitol Hill

Jim Brown, all-time NFL great, dead at 87

Disturbing Testimony Reveals FBI Collected License Plate Numbers of Parents Attending School Board Meetings

It’s a theme. Lefties rewarding deviancy 

Bartender lectures Americans about the constitution.

Brandon’s World Rewards Deviancy

Woke Mind Virus Origins and Explanation – We are working on a series on how to recognize it and how to fight it before it destroys us.

The Unjust Justice System is ran by the left and they are ALL sh!t

Covid Retrospective Series, Vol. 1 Media: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

Covid Retrospective Series, Vol. 2 Experts: Kids Are Going to Thrive in Facemasks!

Hypocritical LOL of the day – and the comments are brilliant

Why the Democrats and FBI are attacking the whistleblowers?

John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov’t Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

Meet Putin’s likely successors in the Kremlin and why they spell more trouble for Russia

Bilderberg 2023

Bombshell report reveals FBI whistleblowers ‘faced devastating retaliation’ for speaking out about ‘politicized rot’: Claim security clearances were revoked, they were suspended without pay and made ‘homeless’

Did the driver chasing them have on a MAGA hat with a noose swung over his shoulder yelling this is MAGA country you limey clowns?

All Biden Has To Do Is Explain Why Foreign Governments Paid His Family $10 Million — But He Can’t

FBI obtained Americans bank records without subpoena: Whistleblowers

Lab-Grown Meat Produces Up To 25 Times More CO2, Study Reveals

Coyote attempts to kill a man’s sheep and he drops it with a Pulsar thermal

Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Physicist Absolutely Proves 2020 Election Was Biggest Cyber-Crime in World History

Clown World: king Charles threatening a “military style campaign” to fight carbon-dioxide – video

California Officials Investigating Loss of 30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemicals

Biden Admin: Chocolate Milk Too Dangerous for Kids but Puberty Blockers Are Fine

Whistleblower: IRS Removed My ‘Entire Investigative Team’ On The Hunter Biden Tax Probe At DOJ’s Request

How the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to blame fat for heart disease

Jada Pinkett Smith says she blames ‘white supremacists’ for the flop of her new Netflix docudrama series, Queen Cleopatra

NAACP warns that the debt ceiling increase bill being considered by the president might be racist.

Have you talked to your doctor about spaying and neutering your children?

Intimidation: FBI agents showed up at the childhood home of pro-life activist Elise Ketch.

Illegal Alien, Charged with Raping Teen Girl, Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS

First full-size scan reveals Titanic wreck as never seen before

Bankruptcy blitz highlights the end of the easy-money era

Lefty Scaremongering Pump for Desantis/Trump

Good for Pfizer: Biden Nominates Bertagnolli for NIH Director

Fear Enables Tyranny

Education Sec. Cardona Dodges Questions About Pulling Back Critical Race Theory, Ibram Kendi, and 1619 Project in Schools

Tracking Marxist Critical Race Theory in Education State by State

Disney worker arrested on child porn charges, posted about ‘hot teens’

Royal Drama Queens

The Tale of a Two Tiered Justice System – Don’t the Democrats Call This Obstruction of Justice?

Left’s spin on Durham

What is the definition of Woke?

Soros Backed District Attorney Wins Democrat Primary

Here is some scientific data that the UN, US government, the media and others won’t show the public

Why Do Friends of Freedom Dread the World Economic Forum?

5 Reasons Young People Should Give Gold a Look in These Uncertain Times

Has Johnny Depp Been Red Pilled?

Man allegedly swaps places with dog after he’s pulled over; man faces DUI charges, dog receives playful ‘warning’

Republican congressman confronts abortion activist who discussed crushing the ‘skull’ of babies

‘Clean House:’ DeSantis Rips ‘Weaponized’ Feds Over Durham Probe Findings

Senator Gump……errr….Fetterman gets help from the WaPo

Retail Sales Rise in April but Price Inflation Accounts for All of the Increase

John Kerry, a UI, Pushes Crackdown on American Farming to Fight ‘Global Warming’

Note to John Kerry: Hurting Framers Didn’t Work Out for the Dutch

Bryan Kohberger indicted by grand jury in Idaho student murders

Boebert to Divorce Husband

Google, Meta, Amazon hire low-paid foreign workers after US layoffs: report

NGOs Aid in Mass Migration According to Geolocation Data

The Putrid Underbelly of Woke Capitalism

Read the Durham Report Here

DAVID MARCUS: The FBI’s anti-Trump Keystone Cops… the CIA’s 51 laptop-trashing stooges… the NYT’s biased Pulitzer lapdogs: now we KNOW they’re all in the Dems’ pockets and – terrifyingly – it’s derailing democracy

Fake news! How liberal commentators blindly dedicated HOURS to baseless claims that Trump colluded with Russians

James Madison vs a Central Bank Digital Currency

UPDATED: Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass public shootings

Ex-Apple employee accused of stealing trade secrets is exec at Baidu self-driving car joint venture

Schifty Schiff is in denial

Large study finds people who received COVID jab have higher risk of visual impairment

Texas RINO says he will crash the debt ceiling debate if asylum bill is passed

Florida Gov. DeSantis declares war on CBDCs – More states need to follow

Sex-Change Procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital. Doctors said that they would stop such interventions. Whistleblower documents prove that they haven’t.

Missouri National Guard soldier under orders from the federal gov & working w/ border patrol opens the gate for illegals to enter – Violation of her oath to the USA?

Even CNN’s Tapper admits Durham report is ‘pretty damning’ for the FBI. Don’t forget what you did, Jake!

Tracy Beanz and Emerald Robinson: The Latest on Kari Lake’s Election Legal Battle

Many People Knew This: Covid Shots Had ZERO Impact on Reducing Deaths, Study Finds

James Woods: ‘Hillary Clinton Ran Biggest Election Fraud in History, Was Within Inches of Stealing the Presidency’

More Woke Juice from Another Big Brand – Will They Ever Learn Who Their Customer Base Is?

5 things to watch in Tuesday’s primary elections in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida

Some truths about the abortion that no court (or politician) can ever change

Commies always play the game to the lowest common denominator: Why Credit Scores Are Racist

Corruption at the Highest Levels: Hunter Biden case takes stark twist with allegation of retaliation against IRS whistleblower

Most Americans don’t support raising debt ceiling without spending cuts: polls – Absolutely 100% Don’t give those DC cretins another dime until spending is addressed

DOJ charges former Apple engineer with alleged theft of autonomous car tech for China

Politics latest news: Nigel Farage says ‘Brexit has failed’ because of ‘useless’ Tory politicians – Reminder that Republicans are just as useless as Tory’s

Lying liars: Treasury Secretary Yellen reaffirms U.S. could run out of money to pay bills by early June

The big US automakers cannot turn a profit on EVs anytime soon. So guess what.

SpaceX has sent 4,447 Starlink satellites into orbit

Richmond, Virginia, US District Court Judge Finds that the Federal Law Ban the Sale of Handguns to 18 to 20-year-olds Unconstitutional

UN, WHO, Bill Gates are working to normalize pedophilia around the world

DeSantis Defunds Marxist “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” Bureaucracies in Florida Public Universities

NGOs Aid in Mass Migration According to Geolocation Data

James O’Keefe releases new video

Here’s Everything The FBI Deliberately Ignored To Get Trump In Russian Collusion Hoax, According To Durham

Most Covid Patients Who Died in Hospital Were Killed by Ventilators, Study Finds

Mass Shooting Alert: Farmington New Mexico

Biden Admin Launches Initiative to Train Public How to Spot ‘Radical’ Conservatives and Fight ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Judge orders halt to fast releases at US border with Mexico

New York hotel CANCELS 30 rooms for Florida couple’s wedding to make room for illegal immigrants

Unconfirmed reports of George Soros’ Death

Illinois passes bill to defund libraries that keep sexually explicit books away from children – Groomer Enablers

Erdogan in the lead but still not enough votes to avoid runoff in two weeks

Al Jazeera on the Turkey elections

Haitians waiting to cross the border

Breaking: AOC former aide now leader of New York Communist Party

Trans Propaganda on Nickelodeon Targeting Children

CDC Whistleblower on vaccines and autism

Did you know illegal aliens are allowed to perform uncompensated volunteer work for campaigns? Betcha the DNC knows.

Where was Neely’s family when he was roaming the streets of NYC?

Conspiracy by Biden, Mayorkus, and Patriot Front Feds

Clown World Strikes Again on MSNBC, the Clown Network: MSNBC brings a white liberal to explain that Latinos are turning into white supremacists

Twisted Dereliction of Duty: ‘Vehicular crime wave’: Baltimore suing Kia and Hyundai over lack of anti-theft tech

Mothers Day in a Sick Woke Lefty World

Out of touch Dr. Proudman get’s spanked

Isn’t the social credit score systems wonderful? This is how things go in one-party rule (Communist) countries

They’re trying to lock up Daniel Penny but freeing the criminals on Rikers Island early. Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik

Border patrol agents arrested an Afghan national who crossed illegally and was on the FBI’s terror watchlist

Remember How the Left Dehuminized Non-Vaccinated People? (Excellent video attached to article)

“The sense that we are losing control of our own country, by the design of politicians, is creating a fury”

Barrington schools settle with teachers fired over COVID vaccination. They get paid and reinistated

Video message from the “great reset” chief clown concerning privacy

Future in America if One-Party rule ever comes to our land and the Democrats take control

Washington Post good for lining the birdcage

Treasonous facilitator of an invasion at the southern border presiding over a disinformation infrastructure that criminalizes dissent

The Woke University’s Servant Class: Commies whining about other Commies

What Happened to the Left?

UPDATED: How mass killers pick out venues where their victims are sitting ducks

AbramsX: General Dynamics presents the replacement for the M1 Abrams MBT

Fed says it is developing an experimental digital currency

Scary: New Global Reserve Currency Announced This Week to End Cash

Stack of WWII-era Nazi cargo washes up on Texas beaches

A massive explosion this morning at an alleged ammunition depot in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

These people want to rule your life

Michigan boy uses a slingshot to save his sister from being abducted from backyard, police say

Thanks To Obama’s Policies, Another Child Has Been Victimized By An Illegal Alien

Dollar Weaponization Expands – FDIC Message to Foreign Depositors Is Don’t Trust the US

SpaceX’s Falcon rocket family reaches 200 straight successful missions

Erdogan in a fight for political life

Texas Ban on Gender Modification for Minors Passes Major Hurdle

America’s state media: The blackout on Biden corruption is truly ‘Pulitzer-level stuff’

NCAA Strips Lia Thomas Of National Championship After “Unfavorable” Test Results

BOMBSHELL: James O’Keefe Uncovers Massive Potential Political Money Laundering to Democrat Campaigns

WATCH: CNN Abruptly Ends Interview After Migrant Says Title 42 Expiration Is Why He Illegally Entered U.S.

Dr. Marty Makary Roasts CDC Dir. Rochelle Walensky for Ignoring Natural Immunity

Covid Retrospective Series: Media: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

Never forget the war that was waged against the unvaccinated. Never.

What Mass Formation Psychosis looks like

Alarming Surge In Gun Shop Robberies As Democrats Fail To Enforce Law And Order

Feds pretending to be right wingers protesting in DC

North Carolina governor vetoes abortion limits, launches override showdown

Retarded: Biden at Howard Univ.: “The most dangerous threat to our homeland is white supremacy … and I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU.

The intentional destruction of Americas power grid by ignorant leftists

The dumming down of American children – Stupid people are easier to control

NJ Democrat Senator failed to give the “big guy” his 10% cut and is now under investigation

No surprise, lefties triggered by reality

JUST IN: FBI Misled Americans On January 6 ‘Pipe Bombs’ Planted At RNC And DNC, Ex-Agent Says

Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates

It is a city of lawlessness. Where criminals roam and law biding citizens go to jail.

ALALibrary President elect, “gonna have the gayest innauguration”. These are the people suggesting groomer books for schools.

New Shocking Report Shows DHS Using Communist Tactics Against Americans

Migrants in Brownsville, Texas, open packets from DHS and use government-issued cell phones

Border Invasion Video

BREAKING: A Dead Body has been found inside freezer of Arby’s restaurant

Daniel Penny to be charged with manslaughter for NYC subway chokehold that killed Jordan Neely

Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund

Jordan Neely had history of attacks on subway riders before NYC chokehold death

AI is racist

Warning: Not for the faint of heart