Anyone remember the stories about George Soros using his foundations to support lefty progressive district attorneys in their elections? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Updated link: Another Soros DA put murder case on ‘back burner’ because it doesn’t ‘fit’ liberal agenda

I remember lefties calling others conspiracy theorists for saying Georgy Soros was doing this along with helping lefty secretary of states (those who are in charge of counting the votes wink wink nod nod) get elected by funding their campaigns with cash.

Here is one result of a Soros funded district attorney causing havoc and hurting people because of their progressive (progressive is another way of saying communist) ideals.

Secretary of State Project

Now look up the Secretary of State Project and who founded and funds it. Here is some help for you to begin your journey down the rabbit hole.

We have verified proof that progressives have turned district attorneys offices upside down and chaotic and recently our elections have had some very dubious results. What do these two things have in common? Of course, they have received funding from Soros and other progressive liberal groups and the regions where these progressives are being elected have increased crime rates. Several elections have been dubious recently especially in some red states.

Progressives (communists) are natural born losers. There are zero success stories of communist countries in the history of the world. They always turn into mass murdering impoverished states where they have a totalitarian ruling elite and eventually completely fail and fall apart. It all looks good and sounds good but most people with common sense understand anything can look good on paper but fail miserably in reality.

How TF can anyone be a Democrat or a lefty or a commie when they have a history of being failures?