WEF Carbon Footprint Tracker Development

From the horses mouth:

After COVID and the totalitarians pushing vaccine passports how long do you think it will be before they attach this type of system to your payment methods and decline basic purchases because you exceeded some arbitrary limit for your carbon footprint?

In the bygone days many people would pint fingers and call me a conspiracy theorist. Worry not. I have developed my very own durable tin foil hat. Those days are long gone as these people get caught making statements as the man made in the video at a WEF forum.

Here is more from the Twitterverse:

Totalitarians and Their Toys

Do you really think if this becomes a reality that these people will have these trackers for themselves? Look at the big wheels now and how they use private jets to get to climate change conferences and other places. I seriously doubt it is about monitoring our carbon footprint but more about control.

How many US politicians attended this event in Davos Switzerland? Check the list here. I’m not sure that list is comprehensive but its a start. Are they attending for nefarious reasons? Lots of questions but these people represent us in official capacities and they make policies that effect our lives.

Please, always, do your own due diligence and research what the WEF is about and their future plans for humanity. I can give you my own opinion about that organization and the WEF leader (Klaus Schwab) but it is better for you to form your own opinion doing your own research.

The more you know.